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From "吴晟 Sheng Wu" <>
Subject Re: introductions
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2018 14:18:52 GMT
I am Wu Sheng(wu-sheng), first of all, I am not a code contributor in Zipkin, but intend, want
and hope to be a committer and PPMC menber of Zipkin.
In Zipkin, I am doing code review, discussion and offering helps about metric and topology

I am working as a tech and open source consultant in Bitmain, which is the biggest cryptocurrency
in the world, 
also I am a founding engineer at, which is a startup company focusing on providing
mesh services with Istio, Envoy and SkyWalking.
In open source world, I am the original creator of Apache SkyWalking(incubating) and Sharding-Sphere(head
to incubating now). SkyWalking is very similar with
Zipkin field about tracing, but focus on APM analysis and visualization more. I am learning
the ASF rules and trying to help other project through the incubating stage.
The whole Zipkin community supports and helps me and SkyWalking a lot, thanks so much, especially
for Adrian, Mick, Bas, José Carlos Chávez.

Sheng Wu
Apache SkyWalking 


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From:  "Raja Sundaram Ganesan"<>;
Date:  Tue, Oct 30, 2018 10:05 PM
To:  "dev"<>;

Subject:  Re: introductions

I'm Raja (zeagord), I started using Zipkin in my previous company at
NationStar Mortgage though I wasn't able to influence to using to
completely. I currently work at Ascend Corp for their e-wallet platform as
an Architect who love to write to code. Introduced Zipkin here and engaging
with other teams to provide better tooling around monitoring. I live in
Bangkok, so if you're around here for anything, feel free to ping me. I
will be happy to catch up. I am entirely new to ASF and learning a lot from
everyone here and trying to contribute as much as possible in all the
Zipkin related repos.


On Tue 30 Oct, 2018, 20:22 Adrian Cole < wrote:

> Sounds funny to do this, but a chat conversation made me realize we
> may never meet each other in person. For those who are comfortable
> introducing themselves including where they live on a public forum,
> I'd welcome this, especially IPMC. No pressure if you feel
> uncomfortable.
> I'll start.
> I'm Adrian and I accidentally walked in to tracing while working at
> Twitter when I lived in San Francisco. The project was a few years
> old, but needed re-owning.. since then (about March 2015), I've not
> stopped working on Zipkin. I moved companies to Pivotal, then moved to
> Georgetown Malaysia as well. It is easy for me to work on Zipkin
> because Pivotal sponsors my salary and routinely covers my travel to
> things like workshops and such. I'm very grateful for that. Truth be
> told, I am most interested in the community itself, you all keep me
> engaged even during the hard times of which there are many :P So,
> thanks..
> I had experience in Apache before as I founded Apache jclouds. I am
> not completely happy with how I handled the transition into the
> incubator. I was impatient and sometimes not nice during the stressful
> moments, so I stepped down. I harbor some guilt about that still,
> though I try to shake it off for experience. Best advice I can give to
> folks new to the process is to be patient through acclimation and
> remember ASF is a volunteer organization. Anyway, I'm back and aim to
> be a better me.
> /me steps away from the (re)introduction mic
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