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From "吴晟 Sheng Wu" <>
Subject Re: Zipkin site under ASF
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2018 02:39:41 GMT
From my understanding, ASF website is just a place host static pages, like `asf-site` branch
in website repo. So simply moving the exists generated codes should be good enough.

Sheng Wu
Apache SkyWalking 


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From:  "adrian.f.cole"<>;
Date:  Mon, Oct 15, 2018 10:37 AM
To:  "dev"<>;

Subject:  Re: Zipkin site under ASF

PS on jekyll vs whatever tiles is using, I'd by default vote jekyll
for now as infra conversion can be a separate task later once we
understand things better. I suspect first step is moving to the step,
not necessarily changing tools unless policy mandates it.
On Sun, Oct 14, 2018 at 10:05 AM Adrian Cole <> wrote:
> thanks for the start, Zoltan.
> more thoughts later but on the domain, I think permanent redirect (or forwarding if some
paths like api should be done that way).
> We have to watch out though with the death to as some docs refer to links.
ex sill is alive redirecting to the apache site
> On Sun, 14 Oct 2018, 07:21 Zoltán Nagy, <> wrote:
>> Hi again,
>> It's your friendly neighborhood webadmin!
>> is up, and fed from a special
>> branch in a git repository (currently with manually uploaded content).
>> Next steps involve waiting for repos to be moved to Apache, and
>> automating the build process of the site (essentially `jekyll build`
>> and `git commit` and `git push`, but with much Ruby environment
>> setup).
>> This is a good point to consider the future of the site. One note: as
>> documented in,
>> all existing projects must host all content managed by the PMC on the
>> domain. My reading of that, and the rest of
>> that page, says we most likely need to say goodbye to, with
>> the possibility of keeping it alive if it's given special
>> consideration, and the domain registration is transferred to the ASF.
>> Re. content, methinks it'd be good practice to include release
>> information on the site (links to versions, changelogs, that kind of
>> stuff).
>> Re. technology, we have two choices.
>> One: keep the current site, build and maintain automation to generate
>> the HTML from the MD. This was previously done for us by GitHub Pages.
>> I estimate maintenance overhead of keeping up with Jekyll releases and
>> other ecosystem changes at around an hour or two every six months (ie.
>> not very painful, but non-zero).
>> Two: migrate to a solution more widely used inside ASF, for example
>> whatever builds In terms of
>> effort, I expect the up-front effort won't be offset by saved
>> maintenance over reasonable time-frames, but this might still be worth
>> considering because (1) unified design with other ASF projects (2) the
>> design has room for much better structuring of content with submenus
>> (3) Maven is better understood in Zipkin than Ruby / Jekyll.
>> I don't have a significant preference for either. I guess in absence
>> of strong opinions from you, status quo wins.
>> (Note also, there's a thing called the ASF CMS, which seems to
>> completely remove the maintenance burden, but according to
>> it's "currently NOT accepting new
>> projects for the CMS system").
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