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From Brian Devins-Suresh <>
Subject Re: introductions
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2018 11:43:43 GMT
Hi All,

I'm Brian Devins-Suresh, I (currently, stay tuned) work at
Automotive in Burlington Vermont in the
US. I got involved with Zipkin and Brave in late 2015. My team at the time
was building developer tooling and
owning some of the core applications. We built out our tracing capability
as a proof of concept and added it to all
of the core applications that we owned. We hoped at the time that we would
prove the value and convince other
teams to adopt but that unfortunately never happened. We were able to find
multiple problems in those
applications, including a couple methods that caused significant GC
pressure. We failed to get buy in from other
teams in the organization though. I believe at this point our original
implementation has been disabled and

Since then my team has moved onto working in AWS building out the Cox
Automotive platform. To aide in the effort
I've been focused on building the zipkin-aws components. My architect
doesn't like to run software we didn't write
so I have been targeting XRay with our library. We use sleuth but have our
own starter with the AWS components
wired up with our

I have no experience working within the Apache incubator, or any TLPs
beyond being subscribed to a users list. I
hope to be able to be involved in growing this community.

- Brian

On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 5:15 PM Kristof Adriaenssens <> wrote:

> I'm Kristof and I learned about Zipkin and the Dapper paper in 2013 while
> working at Tomtom in Belgium.
> I'm the original author of Brave. I built Brave so I could get insight into
> our services and reuse the Twitter components (collector, web, ui).
> I remember how amazed I was when I could first visualize production
> requests and how what we built was way more complex as I had imagined :)
> It is because of my work on Brave that I got noticed by and got in contact
> with SoundCloud.
> I joined SoundCloud in September 2014 and moved to Berlin.  One of the
> first things I did at SoundCloud was packaging and deploying the Zipkin
> components
> and enabling our Finagle services to start sending spans. After the initial
> set up I started working on other things and our Zipkin set up remained
> stagnant for a long time.
> When Adrian got involved with Zipkin he reached out to me and soon started
> contributing to Brave and the other Zipkin projects.  I was impressed from
> the start with how Adrian reached out and involved the community, set out
> the direction, and brought the project where it is now.  In July 2015 I
> moved Brave from my personal GitHub to OpenZipkin. I kept working on Brave
> till probably around end 2015 and stopped most involvement after that point
> because of other priorities at work and in my private life.
> I kept following Zipkin and the Distributed Tracing space from a distance
> and got a bit more involved again recently as part of Using Kubernetes Pod
> Metadata to Improve Zipkin Traces
> <
> >
> .
> I have used many Apache projects throughout my career, as most of you
> probably, but I was never part of transitioning a project into a ASF
> project.
> Cheers,
> Kristof
> Op di 30 okt. 2018 om 14:22 schreef Adrian Cole <>:
> > Sounds funny to do this, but a chat conversation made me realize we
> > may never meet each other in person. For those who are comfortable
> > introducing themselves including where they live on a public forum,
> > I'd welcome this, especially IPMC. No pressure if you feel
> > uncomfortable.
> >
> > I'll start.
> >
> > I'm Adrian and I accidentally walked in to tracing while working at
> > Twitter when I lived in San Francisco. The project was a few years
> > old, but needed re-owning.. since then (about March 2015), I've not
> > stopped working on Zipkin. I moved companies to Pivotal, then moved to
> > Georgetown Malaysia as well. It is easy for me to work on Zipkin
> > because Pivotal sponsors my salary and routinely covers my travel to
> > things like workshops and such. I'm very grateful for that. Truth be
> > told, I am most interested in the community itself, you all keep me
> > engaged even during the hard times of which there are many :P So,
> > thanks..
> >
> > I had experience in Apache before as I founded Apache jclouds. I am
> > not completely happy with how I handled the transition into the
> > incubator. I was impatient and sometimes not nice during the stressful
> > moments, so I stepped down. I harbor some guilt about that still,
> > though I try to shake it off for experience. Best advice I can give to
> > folks new to the process is to be patient through acclimation and
> > remember ASF is a volunteer organization. Anyway, I'm back and aim to
> > be a better me.
> >
> > /me steps away from the (re)introduction mic
> >
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