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From Zoltán Nagy <>
Subject Zipkin site under ASF
Date Sat, 13 Oct 2018 23:21:10 GMT
Hi again,

It's your friendly neighborhood webadmin! is up, and fed from a special
branch in a git repository (currently with manually uploaded content).
Next steps involve waiting for repos to be moved to Apache, and
automating the build process of the site (essentially `jekyll build`
and `git commit` and `git push`, but with much Ruby environment

This is a good point to consider the future of the site. One note: as
documented in,
all existing projects must host all content managed by the PMC on the domain. My reading of that, and the rest of
that page, says we most likely need to say goodbye to, with
the possibility of keeping it alive if it's given special
consideration, and the domain registration is transferred to the ASF.

Re. content, methinks it'd be good practice to include release
information on the site (links to versions, changelogs, that kind of

Re. technology, we have two choices.

One: keep the current site, build and maintain automation to generate
the HTML from the MD. This was previously done for us by GitHub Pages.
I estimate maintenance overhead of keeping up with Jekyll releases and
other ecosystem changes at around an hour or two every six months (ie.
not very painful, but non-zero).

Two: migrate to a solution more widely used inside ASF, for example
whatever builds In terms of
effort, I expect the up-front effort won't be offset by saved
maintenance over reasonable time-frames, but this might still be worth
considering because (1) unified design with other ASF projects (2) the
design has room for much better structuring of content with submenus
(3) Maven is better understood in Zipkin than Ruby / Jekyll.

I don't have a significant preference for either. I guess in absence
of strong opinions from you, status quo wins.

(Note also, there's a thing called the ASF CMS, which seems to
completely remove the maintenance burden, but according to it's "currently NOT accepting new
projects for the CMS system").

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