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From Zoltán Nagy <>
Subject Re: Zipkin site under ASF
Date Sun, 28 Oct 2018 18:49:06 GMT
According to
one of the first steps towards a Jenkins setup is getting write access
to Jenkins: "To give a committer access to Jenkins, the committer must
be made a member of the hudson-jobadmin group. This is done using the
Whimsy Tool which all PMC Chairs can change." Mick, would you mind
adding Adrian and myself to that group? (I hereby pledge to only ever
mess up our own jobs). In the meanwhile, I'll get started on
researching if other pods do similar builds, and/or setting up a
Docker-based reproducible automated site generator.

> If you wanted to push it I would think that Zipkin satisfies the following criteria to
use CNAME:

It's good to know that this option might be open; seems like it'd take
some research to pin all that down. For now I think I'd put this on
the back-burner, focus on getting the repos migrated finally (thanks
for the weighty nag, Adrian), and site generation on the website
front, and also the release process. Sounds reasonable?
On Tue, Oct 23, 2018 at 6:04 AM Mick Semb Wever <> wrote:
> > > Just moving the jekyll building (and commit to branch) to be done by the ASF
Jenkins is enough to provide automatic website updates.
> >
> > However, let me stress that this is not about "just" moving current
> > tooling, because current tooling does not exist. The HTML was
> > previously transparently generated by GitHub, and we don't get access
> > to that generated code.
> My bad. Thanks for elaborating.
> > I've asked about this with detailed scenarios in
> >,
> > and was shut down quite fully, with the message "The Foundation
> > doesn't support serving pages from domains except in
> > very limited and pre-approved cases.". This to me means that while
> > probably redirects are fine, CNAMEs are not, but we can of course ask
> > for clarification on this.
> Reading
> If you wanted to push it I would think that Zipkin satisfies the following criteria to
use CNAME:
> -- The domain was very well-known by the user and contributor communities long before
the project came to the ASF.
> -- The domain is only used to provide end user level information.
> -- The domain is Apache branded in appearance just like a.o sites are, and offers clear
and prominent links directly to project.a.o/path for all likely contributor topics, like downloads,
API docs, mailing lists, etc. etc.
> I'm not entirely sure how you would ensure the second point: that developer/community
docs always redirect to * though.
> regards,
> Mick
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