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From Adrian Cole <>
Subject introductions
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2018 13:21:58 GMT
Sounds funny to do this, but a chat conversation made me realize we
may never meet each other in person. For those who are comfortable
introducing themselves including where they live on a public forum,
I'd welcome this, especially IPMC. No pressure if you feel

I'll start.

I'm Adrian and I accidentally walked in to tracing while working at
Twitter when I lived in San Francisco. The project was a few years
old, but needed re-owning.. since then (about March 2015), I've not
stopped working on Zipkin. I moved companies to Pivotal, then moved to
Georgetown Malaysia as well. It is easy for me to work on Zipkin
because Pivotal sponsors my salary and routinely covers my travel to
things like workshops and such. I'm very grateful for that. Truth be
told, I am most interested in the community itself, you all keep me
engaged even during the hard times of which there are many :P So,

I had experience in Apache before as I founded Apache jclouds. I am
not completely happy with how I handled the transition into the
incubator. I was impatient and sometimes not nice during the stressful
moments, so I stepped down. I harbor some guilt about that still,
though I try to shake it off for experience. Best advice I can give to
folks new to the process is to be patient through acclimation and
remember ASF is a volunteer organization. Anyway, I'm back and aim to
be a better me.

/me steps away from the (re)introduction mic

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