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From Mick Semb Wever <>
Subject Re: Zipkin site under ASF
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2018 05:04:31 GMT

> > Just moving the jekyll building (and commit to branch) to be done by the ASF Jenkins
is enough to provide automatic website updates.
> However, let me stress that this is not about "just" moving current
> tooling, because current tooling does not exist. The HTML was
> previously transparently generated by GitHub, and we don't get access
> to that generated code. 

My bad. Thanks for elaborating.

> I've asked about this with detailed scenarios in
> and was shut down quite fully, with the message "The Foundation
> doesn't support serving pages from domains except in
> very limited and pre-approved cases.". This to me means that while
> probably redirects are fine, CNAMEs are not, but we can of course ask
> for clarification on this.


If you wanted to push it I would think that Zipkin satisfies the following criteria to use

-- The domain was very well-known by the user and contributor communities long before the
project came to the ASF.
-- The domain is only used to provide end user level information.
-- The domain is Apache branded in appearance just like a.o sites are, and offers clear and
prominent links directly to project.a.o/path for all likely contributor topics, like downloads,
API docs, mailing lists, etc. etc.

I'm not entirely sure how you would ensure the second point: that developer/community docs
always redirect to * though.


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