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From Zoltán Nagy <>
Subject CWiki (Confluence) space?
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2018 13:16:29 GMT
In the mail thread “Infrastructure setup / CI” we've come to a point
where we'll need a tool to collaborate on drafting a biggish proposal
for a somewhat complex problem. Thanks for offering help, Brian! In
recent times we've used Etherpad for such work, since GDocs is not
available in China, where some of our contributors reside.

Such a tool should have authentication, a version history (including
who made the change), real-time collaboration, and comments.
Confluence at seems like a good fit.

This mail is
 * a call for comments to Zipkin folks: would you rather use another
tool for this job?
 * a question to ASF veterans: says "New
Spaces can be created upon request from a ASF Project PMC". What does
that mean for us? What'd actually requesting a space look like, who
needs to do what?


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