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From Mick Semb Wever <>
Subject Re: Infrastructure setup / CI
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2018 09:49:33 GMT

> Re. releases: do you think it's necessary to gate the current “release”
> automation behind code that somehow enforces community verification? 

No. My opinion is that the current automated releases of zipkin become something akin to nightlies,
and the formal ASF releases come in addition when desired.

> And
> perhaps more importantly: current “releases” (let's start calling them
> nightlies then) are uploaded to Bintray and Maven Central as stable
> versions, and Docker images are built with them. 

This is a good question.

AFAIK the main way of differentiating the formal ASF releases from the nightlies is what's
announced publicly, ie on the website on its downloaded page. This is what's available
to download from

We can't distribute nightlies via that url, as it is the formal apache downloads distribution

But you can distribute dev/nightly artefacts from
without going through the ASF release process.

For maven one option could be to make the nightlies only accessible from the apache snapshots
maven repository at

Tiles took this approach, providing the following documentation to users:

And I don't think you are restricted to only publishing -SNAPSHOT versions here, they could
be timestamped snapshots, or normal semantic versioning. There's also terms like: alpha, beta,
rc; that can be used. This is in a similar manner to how staging artefacts are made available,
but don't come with the offical seal of approval from the ASF and the Zipkin PMC.

For more info on how maven is to be used at ASF see

I suspect we need to do a little homework, look at which other ASF projects are doing similar
nightlies and how they do it. And then figure out what's best for Zipkin.

It's worth noting that the incubator wants to see us doing the formal ASF releases soon, as
it takes a few attempts for most podlings to get it right, and we should avoid giving the
false impression that nightlies are being done to avoid the formal releases.

More information on the formal ASF releases that we need to become familiar with:

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