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Subject [incubator-zipkin-website] branch master created (now 6fdc9cb)
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2018 02:26:38 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

mck pushed a change to branch master
in repository

      at 6fdc9cb  Merge pull request #117 from openzipkin/quickstart-bash-compat

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 25cd3aa  Initial commit
     new 733517c  Replace master branch with page content via GitHub
     new 8368a1b  Generated Jekyll site
     new 94234c7  Groundwork for pages-based site (instead of posts-based)
     new 89ead0d  Editorconfig!
     new 31dbac5  Adopt Hyde theme
     new e2c2e1c  Link to GitHub, Twitter in the sidebar
     new d78759a  Migrate existing documentation
     new 151761a  Apparently GitHub pages needs the index in the repo root
     new 3cee68d  Also, GitHub pages doesn't support plugins :(
     new ef47e3d  Use site.github.url to work under github pages in forks
     new 9913926  Remove stuff left over from automatic GitHub site generator
     new f70498f  Created favicon from Zipkin logo
     new ca48cb3  Open side-bar links on new tab
     new f9fbe80  Merge pull request #2 from abesto/jekyll
     new e93e044  Added quickstart instructions, existing instrumentation libraries
     new 1710e54  Sidebar: Turn GitHub, Twitter link into logos; add Gitter link
     new 7c21e84  Move list of instrumentation libraries into a _data file
     new bb9036e  Finagle is Scala, not Java
     new fa7b690  Merge pull request #3 from abesto/content
     new 5e21add  Add CNAME, will serve documentation at
     new f845535  CNAME: apparently need to not have \n at EOF
     new bef3169  Forcing another site publication
     new 3ed7a33  As of v3.5, Brave core compiles to Java source level 6
     new 146e72d  Add contribution guidelines to README
     new 567d544  Update Gemfile.lock to current dependencies defined by GitHub
     new 36280d6  Cosmetic changes in
     new 28976ec  README: Add contributing tl;dr
     new fba655c  Fixes homepage broken link to existing_instrumentations
     new 8aeb6cb  Updates screen shot with more a more realistic call graph
     new ac2fc7f  Merge pull request #8 from openzipkin/new-screenshot
     new e19370a  span_receivers/existing instrument style & grammar update
     new 77a3b23  style/grammar/structure of quickstart page
     new 81812dd  Merge pull request #9 from chimericalidea/edits
     new a08b45f  Adds propagation methods to instrumentation section
     new f7bd9d1  Merge pull request #12 from openzipkin/propagation
     new 8e937e5  Final style/grammar update
     new b107200  capitalization
     new fe191b0  Adrian's comments
     new 516c664  issue #11 response
     new 4c5fc6d  Merge pull request #14 from chimericalidea/final_edits
     new ca47a70  Added Spring Cloud Sleuth
     new e92150a  add akka-tracing to existing instrumentations list
     new 6e8279f  Merge pull request #21 from levkhomich/master
     new 9e261cf  Merge pull request #19 from marcingrzejszczak/patch-1
     new adfbd2e  Merge pull request #17 from chimericalidea/data_model
     new d063008  Redis is abandoned, but there's ElasticSearch support
     new 8b32d2a  Explain "Sampled" header as discussed in #20
     new 5ddc258  Added Go kit as available library
     new 7dade24  Merge pull request #25 from basvanbeek/patch-1
     new 2c39e87  Mentions Brave does gRPC (B3) propagation
     new d50bd23  Verifying ownership of
     new 2139d1b  Added dropwizard-zipkin
     new ef5c564  Remove extra period
     new ec619e3  Architecture graph based on #23
     new e3e685d  Merge pull request #16 from openzipkin/architecture-graph
     new 190d4a8  Simplify reasoning of client-side sampling rules. Note debug flag.
     new 3127ab4  Merge pull request #27 from jplock/patch-1
     new 1db2e5b  correct numbered list formatting
     new 3e5a54f  Change ss to sr
     new f168643  Merge pull request #30 from jplock/patch-2
     new cbb0d84  Adds zipkin-js
     new b59bf1b  Fixes glitches
     new d94bccf  Merge pull request #24 from abesto/expand-b3-sampled
     new eeb91ad  Adds advice about bounding spans
     new fd01de0  Updates instructions to match latest README
     new fa97d64  Adds source link
     new b423f6f  Fixes typo and order
     new f138eb7  Polish
     new 29db00e  Clean up some mess with the model example json
     new 6472584  Merge pull request #37 from devinsba/patch-1
     new 7dd3eff  Adding restify to supported instrumentations
     new d805aba  Merge pull request #38 from jquatier/master
     new c04cb03  adding Http to supported JS transports
     new 03993b5  Merge pull request #39 from jquatier/master
     new 41c8ed0  Adds HTrace to existing instrumentation
     new 174f520  Add Wingtips to instrumentation page
     new c915bd8  Merge pull request #41 from nicmunroe/feature/wingtips
     new 80c59c1  Add cassandra-zipkin-tracing to instrumentation page.
     new de84cf6  cassandra-zipkin-tracing has been upgraded to B3 propagation
     new 71affe1  list zipkin-go-opentracing as stand-alone option (#43)
     new 195f036  fix yml error in existing instrumentations data file
     new 025e0f4  Merge pull request #44 from basvanbeek/master
     new 61d7c72  Add monkit-zipkin
     new c3580fb  Add monkit-zipkin (#45)
     new bb60298  Merge pull request #35 from openzipkin/bounded-spans
     new c30d81b  Adds overdue information about setting timestamps and duration (#46)
     new e8eb93a  Fixes formatting
     new 86745af  Post-merge feedback on #35
     new e71180c  Add py_zipkin and swagger_zipkin tracers to existing_instrumentations.yml
     new 0cbbaf5  Remove mention of pyramid from swagger_zipkin (#50)
     new 1126178  Updates finagle matrix
     new 19c2b5c  zipkin-go-opentracing now has HTTP collector support
     new 5bdb5da  Fixes bullet list of Zipkin components (#54)
     new 44ad8df  Adds more insight into why following timestamp practice helps (#53)
     new 6b5c5cf  Add link to data structure details (#55)
     new 2d2a221  Adds simplest example of set Span.timestamp and duration (#56)
     new 99c61ae  splits up listing of libraries between openzipkin and community supported
     new 41abc1a  Revamps the Zipkin Architecture overview (#59)
     new 2ee7124  fixed outdated piece on transports, minor typos and more consistent 80 col
line width (#60)
     new ade77f6  add flask_zipkin into community_instrumentations.yml (#63)
     new 2447937  Added link to "Finagle" (#69)
     new 91aa9fa  Bumps versions
     new 8df450d  Adds diagram showing trace instrumentation's role in architecture (#71)
     new 5f35af5  Fixes some out-of-date references to trace IDs being 64-bit (#72)
     new fa923e1  Add zipkin4net as a community instrumenter (#73)
     new 669d2fb  Add play-zipkin-tracing to the list of existing libraries (#74)
     new d0a0750  fixed typo of traceId at architecture (#75)
     new 4dff462  Adds instructions for one-way tracing (#76)
     new 977f965  Community PHP implementation (#77)
     new 3847b1a  Add Elixir implementation, Tapper
     new 69244e4  Fix yaml problem in Existing instrumentations
     new a54950b  Fix yaml problem in Existing instrumentations
     new e1dba01  Really fixes bad yaml
     new 63be670  Adds zipkin-cpp (#81)
     new ffbed19  Adds instrumentation instructions for messaging spans (#82)
     new b725369  add php  instrumentation "Molten" (#83)
     new c84127b  Fixes build
     new 3f31d6e  Fix misspelled word (#85)
     new 7245f06  Move zipkin4net to official instrumentations (#84)
     new c964ce5  updates versions
     new b5ae739  Indicates minimum Ruby version
     new 0a4243e  corrected some typos. (#86)
     new 3a2571f  Adds jcchavezs/zipkin (#87)
     new f8ec7fc  add appmetrics-zipkin to libraries (#89)
     new d9994c6  Adds aiozipkin to the list of libraries (#88)
     new 5749cd2   Adds community page (#92)
     new 2d39606  Create (#90)
     new 89f4940  Various improvements to (see long description) (#93)
     new f47f474  Extend to download any artifact
     new 8534f3f  [] Show `curl` progress while downloading artifact
     new 415a74e  [] Print the actual URL before download
     new 340e6db  [] Add version to artifact specifier
     new b583c8c  [] Fix (?) curl | bash invocation parameter passing doc
     new 54620f9  Removes the link to a page that no longer exists
     new d114d9a  [] Hotfix: compatibility with older bashes
     new 1a10782  [] Hotfix: don't clean up files we instruct users to use
     new b318b2b  add logos and instructions to print stickers to community page
     new c14c49a  Adds cautionary note
     new 2794b77  Adds zipkin-opentracing-php
     new 203dae4  Changes the name of the zipkin-php-opentracing repository
     new cc94c2c  add zipkin-go to list of official libraries
     new e6aa831  Merge pull request #97 from basvanbeek/master
     new 5e13d21  Generate documentation from `zipkin-api` Thrift definitions
     new 92886d3  [thrift] Loudly say "V1" on generated Thrift documentation
     new 0de70ec  Adds another integration with Javascript framework
     new 211d08c  Merge pull request #99 from elgris/master
     new 623061b  Adds a check for YAML files on CI.
     new 46dc555  Add sttp-brave integration to community instrumentations
     new 388a878  Regenerate thrift docs for new constant
     new 2cdb3ea  By the power of Docker, I compel you!
     new a723b8d  Document using quickstart script
     new bca0b0b  Add Kong plugin
     new e230c6d  Removes jcchavezs/zipkin-php from community libraries
     new 01676c1  Update openzipkin_instrumentations.yml
     new ceb30bc  move zipkin-go-opentracing to community contrib
     new 452249f  Merge pull request #107 from basvanbeek/master
     new 7802ecb  correct path for zipkin-go-opentracing
     new 2c5c21d  Merge pull request #108 from basvanbeek/master
     new 9560489  Add NodeJS MySQL instrumentation to `community_instrumentation`
     new 7877da7  Fix #112: quickstart is grabbing the wrong version for external modules
     new f6d4102  [quickstart] Restrict package search to openzipkin Bintray org
     new dc92d5a  [] Add colors, print important commands as they are run
     new 7e1ba01  [] Fix all shellcheck warnings
     new a5398ac  [] Always print header for checksum and GPG verification
     new 20548cc  [] Use scribe collector in usage example
     new 20f4320  [] Print log about cleanup
     new a98c7e4  [] Prefer [ to [[, prefer builtins to grep
     new 075e52c  [] Standardize how boolean vars are represented
     new 49e6083  [] Prefer printf and othre builtins to echo
     new fe358ff  [] Fix aborting on failed tput under CI envs
     new 652bfc0  Merge pull request #115 from openzipkin/fix-quickstart-tput-dumbterm
     new b6cbedd  Added script to generate site into branch asf-site
     new c7ed3a2  bundle update
     new 30cf251  Make compatible with Bash 3
     new 6fdc9cb  Merge pull request #117 from openzipkin/quickstart-bash-compat

The 176 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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