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From Jeff Zhang <zjf...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: multiple interpreters for spark python2 and 3
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2019 07:46:07 GMT
2 Approaches:
1.  create 2 spark interpreters, one with python2 and another with python3
2.  use generic configuration interpreter.

Manuel Sopena Ballesteros <manuel.sb@garvan.org.au> 于2019年8月12日周一 下午3:41写道:

> Dear Zeppelin community,
> I have a zeppelin installation and a spark cluster. I need to provide
> options for users to run either python2 or 3 code using pyspark. At the
> moment the only way of doing this is by editing the spark interpreter and
> changing the `zeppelin.pyspark.python` from python to python3.6.
> Is there a way to copy/duplicate the spark interpreter one with python2
> and the other with python3 so I can chose which one to use without leaving
> the notebook?
> Thank you
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Best Regards

Jeff Zhang

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