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Subject yetus git commit: git hash 63c5b20ec5aebb8189d2e024723a13cba1ca0338
Date Mon, 30 May 2016 08:19:47 GMT
Repository: yetus
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/asf-site ab9e793b7 -> 28f39d9c6

git hash 63c5b20ec5aebb8189d2e024723a13cba1ca0338


Branch: refs/heads/asf-site
Commit: 28f39d9c64e8e8c5926d2df6fd9ca76ff44226db
Parents: ab9e793
Author: Kengo Seki <>
Authored: Mon May 30 17:18:55 2016 +0900
Committer: Kengo Seki <>
Committed: Mon May 30 17:18:55 2016 +0900

 contribute/releases/index.html | 13 ++++++++-----
 1 file changed, 8 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)
diff --git a/contribute/releases/index.html b/contribute/releases/index.html
index 0f919ae..6de0d8c 100644
--- a/contribute/releases/index.html
+++ b/contribute/releases/index.html
@@ -560,7 +560,8 @@ $ mvn verify
 <li><p>Create short cut links to the vote thread (e.g., <a href=""></a>)
and the result (e.g., <a href=""></a>)
that point to the archives on  Be aware that it may take several
hours for the archive to get the posts that need to be referenced.</p></li>
 <li><p>Produce a signed release tag. You should create a signed tag and push
it to the asf repo. The tag&rsquo;s message should include an asf-shortened links to the
vote and results. It should be named &#39;rel/<em>version</em>&rsquo;
so that it will be immutable due to ASF infra&rsquo;s git configuration. Presuming we&rsquo;re
working on the 0.2.0 release and the RC1 example above has passed:</p>
-<pre class="highlight plaintext"><code>$ git tag --sign rel/0.2.0 1e8f4588906a51317207092bd97b35687f2e3fa3
+<pre class="highlight plaintext"><code>$ git config --global user.signingkey
&lt;your-key-id&gt; # if you've never configured
+$ git tag --sign rel/0.2.0 1e8f4588906a51317207092bd97b35687f2e3fa3
 <p>Example commit message:</p>
@@ -577,7 +578,8 @@ results:
 <li><p>Move release artifacts to the distribution area. The release officially
happens once the artifacts are pushed to the ASF distribution servers. From this server, the
artifacts will automatically be copied to the long-term archive as well as the various mirrors
that will be used by downstream users. These must be <em>exactly</em> the artifacts
from the RC that passed. Please note that currently only Yetus PMC members have write access
to this space. If you are not yet on the PMC, please ask the PMC to post the artifacts.</p>
 <pre class="highlight plaintext"><code>$ svn co
 $ cd yetus-dist-release
-$ cp path/to/yetus-dist-dev/0.2.0-RC1 0.2.0
+$ mkdir 0.2.0
+$ cp path/to/yetus-dist-dev/0.2.0-RC1/* 0.2.0
 $ svn add 0.2.0
 $ svn commit -m "Publish Apache Yetus 0.2.0"
@@ -635,7 +637,7 @@ $ git commit
 <p>Example commit message:</p>
-<pre class="highlight plaintext"><code>YETUS-XXX. add release 0.1.0.
+<pre class="highlight plaintext"><code>YETUS-XXX. add release 0.2.0.
     - list in releases
     - update doap
@@ -700,7 +702,7 @@ index 0000000..c14ca73
 <p>You should then post this patch for review. Once you&rsquo;ve gotten feedback,
it&rsquo;s fine to push the patch to the ASF git repo immediately so long as the updated
website is not published.</p></li>
 <li><p>Publish website updates. After the 24 hour window needed for the release
artifacts to make their way to the variety of mirrors, you should render the website and publish
it using the instructions found in <a href="../website">Maintaining the Yetus Website</a>.</p></li>
 <li><p>Remove old releases from distribution area. The ASF distribution area
should only contain the most recent release for actively developed branches If your release
is a maintenance release, delete the prior release. If your release marks the end of maintanence
for an earlier minor or major release line, you should delete those versions from the distribution
-<li><p>Publish convenience artifacts (maven, homebrew, etc). Specifics to be
documented later; see <a href="">YETUS-316</a>.</p></li>
+<li><p>Publish convenience artifacts (maven, homebrew, etc). Specifics to be
documented later; see <a href="">YETUS-316</a>.</p></li>
 <li><p>Draft an announcement email. The announcement email should briefly describe
our project and provide links to our artifacts and documentation. For example,
     Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Apache Yetus 0.2.0 release</p>
 <pre class="highlight plaintext"><code>Apache Yetus 0.2.0 Released!
@@ -737,9 +739,10 @@ PGP signatures are available at:
-The list of changes included in this release can be browsed at:
+The list of changes included in this release and release notes can be browsed at:
 Documentation for this release is at:

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