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Subject [3/5] yetus git commit: YETUS-308 improve guidance on website maintenance.
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2016 17:44:14 GMT
YETUS-308 improve guidance on website maintenance.

- give more pointers to middleman
- explain location of website build output
- details on publishing to the asf-site branch.

Signed-off-by: Allen Wittenauer <>
Signed-off-by: Chris Nauroth <>


Branch: refs/heads/YETUS-344
Commit: 17cf9761002ea4769601933577800f57e8b513ca
Parents: 4d5dd8d
Author: Sean Busbey <>
Authored: Sun Feb 14 01:10:11 2016 -0600
Committer: Sean Busbey <>
Committed: Mon Feb 29 20:41:15 2016 -0600

 asf-site-src/source/contribute/ | 37 ++++++++++++++++++++++++--
 1 file changed, 35 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
diff --git a/asf-site-src/source/contribute/ b/asf-site-src/source/contribute/
index 4130ae9..65c0167 100644
--- a/asf-site-src/source/contribute/
+++ b/asf-site-src/source/contribute/
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
 # Maintaing the Yetus Website
-We use middleman to generate the website content from markdown and other
+We use [Middleman]( to generate the website content from markdown
and other
 dynamic templates. The following steps assume you have a working
 ruby 2.x environment setup:
@@ -28,6 +28,9 @@ gem install bundler
 bundle install
+If you're interested in digging into how our site makes use of Middleman, or if you run into
a problem, you should start
+by reading [Middleman's excellent documentation](
 ## Make changes in asf-site-src/source
 Make any changes in the source directory:
@@ -62,6 +65,12 @@ To generate the static wesbite for Apache Yetus run the following commands
at th
 bundle exec middleman build
+This command will create a static website in the `publish` sub directory. You can load it
in a web browser, e.g. assuming you are still in the asf-site-src directory on OS X:
+open publish/index.html
 ## Live Development
 Live development of the site enables automatic reload when changes are saved.
 To enable run the following command and then open a browser and navigate to
@@ -72,5 +81,29 @@ bundle exec middleman
 ## Publishing the Site
-Commit the publish directory to the asf-site branch.
+Commit the publish directory to the asf-site branch. Presuming we start in a directory that
holds your normal Yetus check out:
+$ git clone --single-branch --branch asf-site
+$ # Now build in the normal yetus check out
+$ cd yetus
+$ git fetch origin
+$ git checkout master
+$ git reset --hard origin/master
+$ git clean -xdf
+$ cd asf-site-src
+$ bundle exec middleman build
+$ rsync --quiet --checksum --inplace --recursive publish/ ../../yetus-site/
+$ cd ../../yetus-site
+$ # check the set of differences
+$ git add -p
+$ # Verify any new files are also added
+$ git status
+$ # Try to reference the commit hash on master that this publication assures we include
+$ git commit -m "git hash 6c6f6f6b696e6720746f6f20686172642c20796f"
+$ # Finally publish
+$ git push origin asf-site
+Publishing the website should be possible from the HEAD of the master branch under most circumstances.
(See the [Guide for Release Managing](releases) for a notable time period where this won't
be true.)
+Documentation changes will be reviewed as they make their way into the master branch; updates
to the `asf-site` branch are handled without further review.

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