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From "Simon Steiner" <simonsteiner1...@gmail.com>
Subject RE: My Goals for XML Graphics Project
Date Mon, 04 Jan 2016 13:55:14 GMT

Would it make sense to make a bugfix release before requiring a newer JDK.

We have done so far:
FOP-2157: Deadlock in CompareUtil class; fixed typo spotted by Jens Schreiber
FOP-2356: default JAVA_HOME is not compatible with Oracle's JDK on Mac OS X
FOP-2436: Merging of Tagged (Accessible) PDF
FOP-2455 - Fix unnecessary duplication of AFP resource objects as suggested by sdridi@iptech-group.com.
FOP-2465: Fix links to/from 'last' page
FOP-2473: SVG text using filters not shown
FOP-2485: Update xercesImpl to 2.9.1
FOP-2486: Soft font support for TrueType fonts in PCL
FOP-2487: replace cached pages if span condition doesn't match
FOP-2488: Support PDF/UA
FOP-2489: An SVG file using markers is not rendered by FOP 2.0
FOP-2490: Embedded SVG 1.2 not supported by FOP 2.0; fix submitted by Hussein Shafie.
FOP-2491: Adobe Reader error with OTF subset PDF
FOP-2494 - Unable to use Ubuntu Mono Font
FOP-2498: Fix "last" page master usage with force-page-count=end-on-even/-odd
FOP-2499: PDF/UA warnings for nested elements
FOP-2504: Truetype support for AFP
FOP-2507: PDFVT and Page Piece exception using IF
FOP-2508: TTF bullet missing when OTF used
FOP-2509: Add support for PDF/A-3
FOP-2510: Flow name infinite Loop
FOP-2512: fix issue with transparent PNGs with indexed color model
FOP-2530: fix performance regression in MultiByteFont.findGlyphIndex as suggested by dvineshkumar@gmail.com
FOP-2537: Support CMYK JPEG in AFP
FOP-2538: PDF to PDF OOM
FOP-2543: Update avalon-framework to 4.3.1
FOP-2546: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException merging fonts
FOP-2547: Update Xalan to 2.7.2 for CVE-2014-0107
FOP-2548: Support Barcode4J page number
FOP-2552: TrueType in AFP adding extra slash to end of font uri
FOP-2553: Support PDF shading to PS
XGC-93: fix performancy penalty caused by excessive DeflaterOutputStream.write(byte) calls,
thanks to Andre Klemann
XGC-97: Add PreloaderRawPNG to handle images ImageIO cant
XGC-103: Include ps-setpagedevice when dsc-compliant is false


-----Original Message-----
From: Glenn Adams [mailto:glenn@skynav.com] 
Sent: 21 December 2015 23:55
To: XML Graphics Project <general@xmlgraphics.apache.org>
Subject: My Goals for XML Graphics Project

Fellow Team,

I'd like to share some of my ideas for improving the XML Graphics projects as we move forward:

   - transition writeable source repository from SVN to GIT, making SVN a
   slave to the latter
   - transition build, test, and deployment system from Ant to Maven
   - update minimum JDK to 7 or perhaps even 8
   - enable findbugs (from Maven site goals) by default
   - convert non-Junit tests (batik) to Junit
   - improve test coverage
   - triage bug list
   - revisit documentation, in its format, deployment, and content

Overall, I want to bring XML Graphics more up to date with other "modern"
Apache Project practices and tool sets.

Please feel free comment on these matters.


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