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From Chris Bowditch <bowditch_ch...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: Releasing XGC, Batik and FOP
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2014 10:23:22 GMT
Hi Vincent,

On 23/07/2014 10:15, Vincent Hennebert wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> On 23/07/14 10:06, Chris Bowditch wrote:
>> Hi Vincent,
>> On 17/07/2014 12:59, Vincent Hennebert wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> (Moving to general@ as not only FOP is involved.)
>>> I should be able to spare some cycles over the next few weeks to do
>>> a release of XGC, Batik and FOP. The new versions would be:
>>> • XGC 1.6
>>> • Batik 1.8
>>> • FOP 2.0
>>> The minimum supported JRE for all projects would be 1.5.
>> I thought in previous discussions the PMC approved the upgrade to 
>> Java 6? I'm
>> not sure if anyone has committed any 1.6 specific changes between now 
>> and
>> then, but if they have then a final release based on 1.5 won't be 
>> possible.
> Yes, it’s agreed that 1.6 features can now be introduced to trunk. But
> IIC that hasn’t happened yet. So if I am able to build the release with
> a 1.5 JDK, I might as well do so. Otherwise we’ll just increase the
> minimum requirement in the release announcement.
As Manuel mentioned we should use the opportunity of a major release to 
bump the JDK requirement.
>>> Here’s my view: Branches would be created from the trunks as of now
>>> + whatever has been committed at the time they are created. That means
>>> that no existing issue would be required to be solved first (and that
>>> all of the open FOP issues currently rated as blocker and critical can
>>> be downgraded to major).
>>> If anybody thinks that some issues/features ought to be 
>>> fixed/integrated
>>> in one of the projects before the releases, please mention it now so
>>> that we can discuss it. At any rate I won’t start anything before Wed
>>> 30th July.
>> Which version of pdfbox will users of font merging feature or 
>> pdf-plugin be
>> expected to use? My understanding is that its a 2.0 snapshot 
>> currently, so we
>> might need to wait until PDFbox release that version, before doing 
>> the release.
> AFAIU FOP only depends on FontBox 1.8.5, so it can be released now. If
> users want to use the PDF Images plug-in, then that’s another story.
> They would have to use a snapshot version of FontBox instead, as well as
> the plug-in for that matter.
> But since that plug-in has never been released, and is not documented on
> the website, I doubt that there are many people outside of the core
> developer group who are using it.
We've received a few user questions in the past on this topic. I agree 
we need to create a website for pdf-plugin, since Jeremias transferred 
the code to the XML Graphics umbrella.

> FOP doesn’t depend on the plug-in to deliver its core functionality
> anyway, so it can be released independently.
I agree the core functionality has no PDFBox dependency, but one of the 
key features of the release is font merging. So I prefer to either;

1. release with a snapshot dependency of fontbox-2.0 and a note on the 
website about which SVN revision of pdfbox is required or
2. wait until PDFBox v2.0 is released before releasing FOP

Otherwise, the new font merging feature is unavailable to the average 
user. We've had several discussion with people about the desire for font 
merging in conjunction with pdf plugin, so I'm sure people will want the 

> We could (should) talk about creating a release and a website for the
> plug-in. If the code before the FontMerging change still is compatible
> with FOP’s current trunk, then it would have only released dependencies
> and we could deliver a version that would remain compatible with FOP
> 2.0. But I’m not sure I’ll have the time to do all the checks and the
> work.


> Vincent
>>> Any comment, suggestion?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Vincent
>> Thanks,
>> Chris
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