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From The Web Maestro <the.webmaes...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Migrating XML Graphics Project to ASF-CMS from Apache Forrest
Date Sun, 11 Nov 2012 21:20:47 GMT
Thanks for checking and for the input Jörg!

I thought we'd agreed to start the process to 'go live' with the new XML
Apache Graphics ASF-CMS based web site on 11/7. The consensus was that
anything that needed changing could be addressed post-DNS switch.

However, immediately before asking for infra@ to make the DNS change, I
realized there wasn't a formal [VOTE] so this is intended to be the Formal
[VOTE] to make the DNS switch.

Please see comments inline...

On Sun, Nov 11, 2012 at 11:23 AM, J.Pietschmann <j3322ptm@yahoo.de> wrote:

> Am 11.11.2012 01:45, schrieb The Web Maestro:
>  There are a few minor issues to discuss/resolve (see below*),
> Hmm, there are a few more issues:
> - The title page "Demonstration" section is missing the advertised
>   image. If there is no easy way to get it in there, I'm for deleting
>   the whole section.

Dah! Those images are indicated as <figure src=...></figure> in the xdoc
source instead of an <img src=... />. I've corrected it... I also noticed
that somehow a bunch of images hadn't been brought over from the old branch
to the new.

I've fixed this throughout the XML Graphics site (I'd already done it for
Batik & XML Graphics and thought I'd done FOP as well).

> - The left border / indentation seems to have too much variation. What
>   is causing this?

Looks like there's extra margin-left on <p> elements, and whole *most*
stuff is in a <p> element, not everything is... I'll have to think about
how best to resolve that.

I played a little with it, but I'll (we'll?) likely need to spend more time
on this to get it just right.

I don't see this as a SHOWSTOPPER to switching DNS.

> - In order to get to the valuable details about the current FOP release
>   in the menu, you have to scroll way down. People unfamiliar with FOP
>   wont find it. Is there a way to get the "Using" and "Features" menu
>   up to the top of the page? Otherwise the "Introduction" section
>   should be rewritten to contain links to the most important pages
>   (I'll provide a draft in case this is necessary)

There are certainly things to be done to improve the flow of test.

When I ran the scripts to resolve HEADING & SUBHEADING issues, I
implemented the capability to add a Table of Contents to each page
programmatically. But since we discussed using Bootstrap, I was waiting to
implement the ToC, as Bootstrap might have a better method.

I don't see this as a SHOWSTOPPER to switching DNS.

> Is the [VOTE] about migrating in general or about going life with
> ASF-CMS next week? In case of the former, I'm +1, in case of the
> latter I'd rather have at least the scroll down problem fixed.

As mentioned above, this [VOTE] is about going LIVE with the new,
ASF-CMS-based XML Graphics Project site immediately.

I don't see this as a SHOWSTOPPER, as it can be resolved at any time.

> In any case: thanks Clay for all the work!
> J.Pietschmann

Thanks for double-checking...

Web Maestro Clay

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