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From The Web Maestro <the.webmaes...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: XML Graphics Project Forrest=>CMS migration
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2012 12:56:18 GMT
Hi all,

On Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 4:07 AM, Chris Bowditch
<bowditch_chris@hotmail.com> wrote:
> yes the deadline is close and I was hoping to have some news for the board.
> The next report is due in a couple of weeks. SO I'd like to formulate a pla
> to migrate.
>>> I don't know if folks've been adding recent Documentation/Content
>>> changes there as well, but we'll need to start soon! ;-)
> Vincent told me he added some new content to the CMS, but we have all of
> Glenn's changes for the 1.1 release to merge in.

Excellent! Thanks Vincent!

>>> I've attached a coupe of lists of files that need to be merged into
>>> the ASF-CMS documentation for FOP & Batik. I guess I need to do it for
>>> XML Graphics as well, but that should be pretty simple!
>>> We're getting closer to the wire, and I thought I'd ping the team
>>> about the migration. We have some lingering issues (see below) I'm
>>> still working to resolve, but for the most part  they're relatively
>>> minor.
> I think I've found a new minor issue. The titles look wrong on this page:
> http://xmlgraphics.staging.apache.org/fop/knownissues.html

Looks like the system was attempting to link the headings, and it went
awry. I'll give that a think, but I think the solution will involve a
RegExp to replace:

# Known issues # {#Known+issues}


# Known issues #

or maybe

# Known issues

I found another issue, and that is that pages often don't have an h1
(that one does). For those, I'd need to copy the title attribute to an

Title: Apache&trade; FOP: Known Issues

copy to =>

# Apache&trade; FOP: Known Issues

>>> The worst issue is an IE9 scrollbar issue that *many* sites around the
>>> 'Net are experiencing. I intend to have a fix for that soon! There are
>>> also issues with the Batik Demo, and some expanded nav blocks.
>> I think I clobbered the weird IE9 scrollbar issue (Chris et al, could
>> you re-test?). I think it was entering quirks mode, and by changing
>> the DOCTYPE to html5, I was able to resolve the issue. That was pretty
>> annoying!
> After reseting my browser cache the scrollbar is now working in most pages,
> but it still appears broken for compliance!

Heh... yeah... That's because FOP's /compliance.html (and Batik's
/demo.html) are hand-coded, and didn't receive the fix I deployed for
the rest of the site (switch from DOCTYPE html 4.01 => html5). I've
fixed that for the FOP Compliance & Batik, but we'll have to remember
to cfix that for *all* hand-coded pages...

Batik's Demo works in Windows Firefox, but I couldn't figure out how
to make it work in IE9, since the Demo applet is unsigned...

>> I also believe I resolved the FOP navigation collapse/expand issue.
>> For some reason MarkDown wasn't honoring my unordered listing levels
>> (spaces aren't always spaces?), but I ended up improving the jQuery so
>> it could handle 'n' nested levels in the process. This was another
>> pretty annoying 'bug' I discovered, that I could've lived without
>> needing to resolve. Sheesh!
> I've retested and the expand/collapse seems to be working fine now :-)
> That's great work Clay.


>>> I was able to fix the FOP Compliance page, but I haven't gotten many
>>> lurkers from folks outside of Chris & Helder...
>> I also created a Batik Download page, since the current CGI-based one
>> wasn't working quite right. The new one is based off the FOP Download
>> page, so I'd appreciate it if a Batik'er could double-check that I
>> haven't munged anything too badly.
> Thanks Clay. Since the 1.1 release is expected this weekend I propose
> planning the move to CMS after that. I need help from the team to define
> exactly what we need to do. I could only come up with 3 steps since I'm not
> close to the technical details!

This looks like a good plan...

> 1. Merge in content from 1.1 release. Mehdi will tackle this next week.

I can take care of the *new* files in the 1.1 directory, but I'll need
help merging the changed files, and adding any new files in the old

> 2. Technical stuff to do the switch (Clay can you expand on what we need to
> do)? Do I have a volunteer for this?

Not too much technical about it (if I handle the *new* files in the
1.1 dir... ;-). Just figure out which files changed between

Also, if there are new files outside of the 1.1 DEV dir, send them to
me, so I can take care of those as well...

> 3. Team to fix outstanding minor issues, such as IE9 scrollbar. This will be
> done on a ongoing basis rather than to a fixed deadline.

IE9 scrollbar is fixed for all of the site's dynamic pages, plus FOP
Compliance & Batik Demo. I don't think there are any other hand-coded
pages, but they would require the same fix, although the CMS now
generates html5, so it should be easier...

I think I'm going to keep ye olde src/xdocs around for a few months,
in case we want them for some purpose (I can't think of any off-hand,
but who knows!)

> I don't think we should have a formal vote to accept the website in its new
> form since the reason for the change is a mandate from the board and the PMC
> can't go against that. Folks have had plenty of opportunites to review the
> new website by now and although there are still some outstanding minor
> issues we are forced to fix them later by the looming board enforced
> deadline.

Sounds good!

We'll be good to go in no time!

Web Maestro Clay

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