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From Clay Leeds <the.webmaes...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: XML Graphics Project Forrest=>CMS migration
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2012 14:01:03 GMT
On Oct 19, 2012, at 6:15 AM, Chris Bowditch <bowditch_chris@hotmail.com> wrote:
> On 19/10/2012 13:56, The Web Maestro wrote:
>>> After reseting my browser cache the scrollbar is now working in most pages,
>>> but it still appears broken for compliance!
>> Heh... yeah... That's because FOP's /compliance.html (and Batik's
>> /demo.html) are hand-coded, and didn't receive the fix I deployed for
>> the rest of the site (switch from DOCTYPE html 4.01 => html5). I've
>> fixed that for the FOP Compliance & Batik, but we'll have to remember
>> to cfix that for *all* hand-coded pages...
>> Batik's Demo works in Windows Firefox, but I couldn't figure out how
>> to make it work in IE9, since the Demo applet is unsigned...
> Thanks for explaining. I think we will have to think about how to solve these remaining
issues after the CMS Website goes live.

Makes sense. We also need to determine which files need to be hand-coded. Anything w custom
tables like compliance, or complications like JavaScript or interesting styling or Java applets
will likely need to be had-coded. 

>>> Thanks Clay. Since the 1.1 release is expected this weekend I propose
>>> planning the move to CMS after that. I need help from the team to define
>>> exactly what we need to do. I could only come up with 3 steps since I'm not
>>> close to the technical details!
>> This looks like a good plan...
>>> 1. Merge in content from 1.1 release. Mehdi will tackle this next week.
>> I can take care of the *new* files in the 1.1 directory, but I'll need
>> help merging the changed files, and adding any new files in the old
>> places...
> Thanks for the offer. Mehdi will let you know if he needs your help. I would imagine
it would make sense if one person took care of it, but I'm sure Mehdi will yell if he needs

The reason I mentioned it, is that there's a process of converting xdocs to markdown, so if
the pages already exist in xdoc format, it's pretty much a run of Apache Forrest to get the
necessary markdown format output. 

I'll await Mehdi's plea...

>>> 2. Technical stuff to do the switch (Clay can you expand on what we need to
>>> do)? Do I have a volunteer for this?
>> Not too much technical about it (if I handle the *new* files in the
>> 1.1 dir... ;-). Just figure out which files changed between
>> 20120201-201211.
>> Also, if there are new files outside of the 1.1 DEV dir, send them to
>> me, so I can take care of those as well...
> That's great news.
>>> 3. Team to fix outstanding minor issues, such as IE9 scrollbar. This will be
>>> done on a ongoing basis rather than to a fixed deadline.
>> IE9 scrollbar is fixed for all of the site's dynamic pages, plus FOP
>> Compliance & Batik Demo. I don't think there are any other hand-coded
>> pages, but they would require the same fix, although the CMS now
>> generates html5, so it should be easier...
>> I think I'm going to keep ye olde src/xdocs around for a few months,
>> in case we want them for some purpose (I can't think of any off-hand,
>> but who knows!)
> yes theres no harm to keep them just in case we forgot to move some content over.
> I don't think we should have a formal vote to accept the website in its new
>>> form since the reason for the change is a mandate from the board and the PMC
>>> can't go against that. Folks have had plenty of opportunites to review the
>>> new website by now and although there are still some outstanding minor
>>> issues we are forced to fix them later by the looming board enforced
>>> deadline.
>> Sounds good!
>> We'll be good to go in no time!
> Thanks Clay. Once Mehdi has a handle on the merge of the 1.1 changes I would like to
agree a date. For now I'll suggest a tentative switchover date of 2nd November, which is 2
weeks from today. Does anyone see an issue with that?
> Thanks,
> Chris

I've got a launch on Nov 1. Could we push it to 11/7?

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