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From Vincent Hennebert <vhenneb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Checkstyle, Reloaded
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2012 21:04:24 GMT
On 07/02/12 13:52, Glenn Adams wrote:
> in general, i object to rules that attempt to prescribe whitespace usage
> and line length restrictions; i do not mind rules that enforce naming
> conventions, indentation rules, tab versus space usage, newline usage, and
> a variety of other styles
> the use of checkstyle should not be an unnecessary burden on this
> community, or on our productivity
> the rules on consensus in this community appear to be that one negative
> vote is sufficient to prevent some action,

Well, in the present case this is merely an informal discussion about
what we would like to have or not have in our Checkstyle file. If we
feel that a vote is necessary then it’ll come later and Apache rules
will apply:

> so my vote would be negative if
> asked about enforcing the following (in priority order):
>    - line length constraints
>    - white space around parenthesis, braces, brackets
>    - multiple variables declarations per statement
> regarding use of CSOFF, i do not agree that it causes clutter, any more
> than the use of assert does



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