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From Chris Bowditch <bowditch_ch...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: Thanks to Jeremias
Date Tue, 26 May 2009 07:26:44 GMT
Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> Woah, I'm totally blushing here. Thanks a lot! That was very unexpected.

I concur with Simon that a deep hearted thanks is owed to Jeremias by 
all those who benefit from FOP (myself included). Thanks for all those 
magnificant features you have implemented over the years.



> Let me then just take the occasion and thank Simon again for stepping up.
> I know the various places and things the PMC chair has to know can
> probably be overwhelming at first but it's really just half as bad. I'll
> be there to help out should you need it.
> On 25.05.2009 22:26:38 Simon Pepping wrote:
>>I want to take this occasion to look back at the large role Jeremias
>>played in XML graphics and FOP over the last few years.
>>When Jeremias started to work full-time on FOP (Jan. 2005), the
>>project had not seen a release for a couple of years. The old release,
>>0.20.5, was still the stable release used by thousands of users. We
>>had received the Knuth algorithm for FOP from Luca Furini, but a
>>number of important features were still lacking. Jeremias' first task
>>was the implementation of tables. Next he implemented a few other
>>important features that were still lacking, and made the new FOP code
>>ready for its first release. This release was numbered version
>>0.90alpha1 (23 November 2005), and was followed by more or less
>>regular releases up to the current version 0.95.
>>Jeremias contributed many other features. First of all a test
>>framework based on the intermediate area tree (XML renderer). Together
>>with Luca he implemented the Knuth algorithm for page breaking. He
>>added PDF/A-1b support, complete with XMP handling (in XML Graphics
>>Commons). He developed the FOP factory, which improves reuse of
>>configuration data on subsequent FOP runs in the same application. He
>>added an event notification mechanism, which decouples event
>>notifications for users from logging for developers. He added another
>>intermediate area tree mechanism (MIME_FOP_IF), which adds speed gains
>>and a new interface for rendering. He added many improvements in image
>>handling, a.o. a new image loading framework.
>>Much of this work could be done because Jeremias tirelessly worked to
>>interest a number of corporate users of FOP in contributing to the
>>Jeremias also initiated and advocated the creation of the XML Graphics
>>project as a top level project in the ASF, comprising FOP and Batik
>>(Oct. 2004). Since the creation he has been its champion and the chair
>>of its PMC. He was elected a Member of the ASF in December 2004.
>>Jeremias is a creative and passionate developer, with a great
>>knowledge and understanding of page description languages like PDF and
>>PostScript, of printing, computer graphics and image formats. Passions
>>have their ups and downs. In a serious downturn Jeremias decided to
>>step down as PMC chairman, and more importantly, take a time-out from
>>FOP development. This is a great loss for the project, and I hope he
>>soon regains his pleasure in XML graphics and FOP development. I thank
>>Jeremias deeply for all his contributions.
>>Simon Pepping
>>home page: http://www.leverkruid.eu
> Thanks,
> Jeremias Maerki
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