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From Simon Pepping <spepp...@leverkruid.eu>
Subject Thanks to Jeremias
Date Mon, 25 May 2009 20:26:38 GMT

I want to take this occasion to look back at the large role Jeremias
played in XML graphics and FOP over the last few years.

When Jeremias started to work full-time on FOP (Jan. 2005), the
project had not seen a release for a couple of years. The old release,
0.20.5, was still the stable release used by thousands of users. We
had received the Knuth algorithm for FOP from Luca Furini, but a
number of important features were still lacking. Jeremias' first task
was the implementation of tables. Next he implemented a few other
important features that were still lacking, and made the new FOP code
ready for its first release. This release was numbered version
0.90alpha1 (23 November 2005), and was followed by more or less
regular releases up to the current version 0.95.

Jeremias contributed many other features. First of all a test
framework based on the intermediate area tree (XML renderer). Together
with Luca he implemented the Knuth algorithm for page breaking. He
added PDF/A-1b support, complete with XMP handling (in XML Graphics
Commons). He developed the FOP factory, which improves reuse of
configuration data on subsequent FOP runs in the same application. He
added an event notification mechanism, which decouples event
notifications for users from logging for developers. He added another
intermediate area tree mechanism (MIME_FOP_IF), which adds speed gains
and a new interface for rendering. He added many improvements in image
handling, a.o. a new image loading framework.

Much of this work could be done because Jeremias tirelessly worked to
interest a number of corporate users of FOP in contributing to the

Jeremias also initiated and advocated the creation of the XML Graphics
project as a top level project in the ASF, comprising FOP and Batik
(Oct. 2004). Since the creation he has been its champion and the chair
of its PMC. He was elected a Member of the ASF in December 2004.

Jeremias is a creative and passionate developer, with a great
knowledge and understanding of page description languages like PDF and
PostScript, of printing, computer graphics and image formats. Passions
have their ups and downs. In a serious downturn Jeremias decided to
step down as PMC chairman, and more importantly, take a time-out from
FOP development. This is a great loss for the project, and I hope he
soon regains his pleasure in XML graphics and FOP development. I thank
Jeremias deeply for all his contributions.

Simon Pepping
home page: http://www.leverkruid.eu

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