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From Max Berger <...@berger.name>
Subject Re: svn commit: r722108 - /xmlgraphics/commons/trunk/src/java/org/apache/xmlgraphics/fonts/Glyphs.java
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2008 14:38:15 GMT

Vincent Hennebert schrieb:
> However, on this particular change I still don’t agree. Replacing hyphen
> with minus and vice-versa is likely to give an ugly result. Why not adding
> en dash and em dash while we’re at it? I’d rather add hyphentwo (U+2010)
> to the list of alternatives for hyphen. If there were a glyph name for
> non-breaking hyphen (U+2011) that would make sense to add it too. I can
> imagine a purist font designer who would create a glyph for hyphen
> (U+2010) and not for the disputed hyphen-minus (U+002D).

I guess beautyness and uglyness are a matter of opinion.

In this case, the alternative is not finding the character, which means
that fop would print an '#' in place of the hyphen. And in my point of
view "word - word" is more beautiful than "word # word".

However, I do see your point that not all substitutions make sense, and
especially the two-way relationship between glyphs may not be feasilble,
 it would be better to provide an ordered replacement list for all
glyphs  (in this case it would list all the hyphens first, and the minus
last). Maybe such a list can be found somewhere already developed (and

> Vincent


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