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From Hervé Girod <herve.gi...@club-internet.fr>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release of Batik 1.7 (third (and final?) try)
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2008 23:46:07 GMT

For me the WMF rendering with Batik 1.7 seems OK, and I did not found 
any differences in the rendering but I don't think what improvements in 
the WMF transcoder could have done anything for the line width ;-);
In the only case were it could have changed anything in the rendering in 
a while, the WMF could not be rendered before (non-APM header files, 
were the transcoder try to guess the dimensions of the WMF image).

To be sure, I converted the WMF chart test case, and all test cases for 
bugs 40594, 41205, 42961, 43195, and 43595 + various other complex test 
examples (some WMF files generated with PPT). All seemed OK too.

Herve Girod

Cameron McCormack wrote:
> Thomas DeWeese:
>>>    Second a bunch of the WMF tests have slightly different
>>> renderings (in particular line widths have changed).  I 
>>> suspect that these are due to the various WMF reader 
>>> improvements but I thought it would be worth getting 
>>> confirmation. (I wouldn't -1 the release for this in the future 
>>> it's good to 'fix' the references for these sorts of changes
>>> at least when the release is made).
> Cameron McCormack:
>> I’ll investigate this later today, but maybe Hervé knows?
> Actually, can you point out which WMF tests have different renderings?
> I can’t see it in my test report (apart from the usual platform path
> rendering differences that cause mostly grey difference images on my
> system).

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