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From Max Berger <...@berger.name>
Subject Re: [DRAFT] Preparing a user poll for JDK 1.3 compatibility
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2007 14:08:28 GMT
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here some (hopefully) constructive critisism.

Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> 2. What operating system are you on?
>   Windows    dev/prod   Version: ________
>   Linux      dev/prod   Version: ________
>   Solaris    dev/prod   Version: ________
>   BSD        dev/prod   Version: ________
>   MacOSX     dev/prod   Version: ________
>   AIX        dev/prod   Version: ________
>   other no1  dev/prod   Name&Version: ________
>   other no2  dev/prod   Name&Version: ________

This is not clear do me how you would like this filled out. Maybe
something like:

Main production OS:
Name: Windows / Linux / ...
Flavor (if Linux): Ubunto / Debian / ...

Main development OS:
Flavor (if Linux):

and probably something like:
But it must also run on OS:

> 6. If you use Java 1.3 or earlier in production, do you have a need to
> stay on the latest versions of Apache XML Graphics products?
>    o yes, because: _________________________________________________
>    o no
>    o I run Java 1.4 or later.
o I run Java 1.5 or later on all my relevant systems
o I run Java 1.6 or later on all my relevant systems

> 7. If you use Java 1.3 or earlier in production, what's the reason you
> cannot migrate to Java 1.4 or later?
>    o There's no Java 1.4 or later for the operating system we use.

The OS is: ______________

>    o There's some software that doesn't run on 1.4 or later so we're
> stuck.

The Software is: _________

>    o Company policy
>   Other comments/reasons: _____________________________________________
> 8. Are you aware that the end-of-life process for Sun's Java 1.3 has
> ended in December 2006?
>    o yes
>    o no
> 9. Anything else you would like to tell us while you're at it?
>    ______________________________________________
> Any other questions you want answered? Any objection to taking Batik and
> Commons into the same questionaire and make the "Java 1.4 question" a
> project vote rather than a subproject vote?

I don't believe anyone uses xmlgraphics without any of its subproijects,
so im this should be a project-wide poll, the results on the other hand
can be looked at for individual projects.

> Thanks,
> Jeremias Maerki


Max Berger
e-mail: max@berger.name

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