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From Jeremias Maerki <...@jeremias-maerki.ch>
Subject Re: Moving JEuclid into Apache XMLGraphics as incubator
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2007 12:49:48 GMT
On 01.10.2007 14:20:20 Mishkin, Ernest wrote:
> > Can I please also get some statement from Erik and/or Ernest 
> > about what they think about the idea? It's just that I cannot 
> > remember any discussion about Incubation at the ASF on the 
> > JEuclid mailing lists and I'd like to know how much they 
> > support this action. Max only said "my wish". Thanks.
> > 
> > Jeremias Maerki
> Max, Erik and I held the appropriate discussion on jeuclid-devel list
> and in private.
> We are in agreement that we would like to see Jeuclid being part of
> Apache family.

Thanks for clarifying that!

> I'm particularly interested in seeing Jeuclid recognized [in mathml
> community] more than it currently is.
> Being a part of xmlgraphics will likely turn more users and developers
> alike to the project, may result in more synergies/integrations, etc.
> I've had only a preliminary CLA conversation with my employer. Is it the
> time for me to being a more formal process or should that come after
> voting?

Submitting an ICLA (plus a CCLA if necessary) is not related to the
voting process. You can do it now or later. The ICLA is simply a
precondition for creating Apache accounts and will be important for the
IP clearing process. If you send it after the acceptance vote, that's

Jeremias Maerki

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