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From "Max Berger" <...@berger.name>
Subject Moving JEuclid into Apache XMLGraphics as incubator
Date Sat, 15 Sep 2007 00:03:45 GMT
Dear XMLGraphics Team,

it has been my wish for a while to integrate the JEuclid (
http://jeuclid.sf.net/ ) project as a subproject of xmlgraphics. In
the last year the project was revived and now consists of three active
developers, who are willing to continue to donate their time to make
the this THE MathML  Java implementation available on the net. The
recent release of a stable version has (re-)sparked the interest of a
diverse user-group, most of them developers themselves. The upcoming
release of the MathML 3 spec gives new directions for further

Moving the code two Apache would serve several purposes:

First, the Apache brand is known for reliability and stability. The
Apache name stands for trust - Any project under the name Apache
received far more attention, and therefore a larger user and developer
base, resulting in a more mature and stable product.

Second, it would guarantee us legal safety. We could rely on the
Apache layer team to ensure that what we are doing is legally correct.

And third, it would allow us for even better integration with the
XMLGraphics core - There are several areas where code could be shared,
and reused rather than redeveloped. An example would be CSS support,
which is already superb in Batik, but non-existing in JEuclid. But
even simple items, such as parsing of color string do not have to be
re-invented for every subproject.

Of course, there are several issues to be solved on the way - the
first one would be if the xmlgraphics project would be willing to be
our sponsor, and thus this email. The second issue is that, should you
vote to accept this project, we'd need a Champion, who has to be part
of the PMC of the Sponsoring project (xmlgraphics).

Please feel free to comment and ask questions.

Max Berger

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