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From Jeremias Maerki <...@jeremias-maerki.ch>
Subject Re: Preparing XML Graphics Commons 1.1
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 22:10:37 GMT
I'd like to defer these changes to after the release. The behaviour is
more than 5 years old (coming from Batik). Changing the behaviour will
require testing withing Batik (and FOP). After all, this is no blocker,
just cosmetics.

On 17.11.2006 18:15:22 Andreas L Delmelle wrote:
> On Nov 17, 2006, at 15:55, Glen Mazza wrote:
> <snip />
> > 2.) Methods setColor(),  setFont(), setPaint(), setBackground(),  
> > and clip() quietly just return and rely on the previous values if  
> > the caller provides a NULL argument.  It should set the value to  
> > NULL instead and let the NPE occur naturally--that provides the  
> > quickest way for the developer to realize that he or she goofed  
> > up.  If setFont(NULL) just relies on the previous value of the  
> > font, as it does now, it is much harder to track the error further  
> > downstream in the code.  See [2].
> Agreed.
> I'd either let the NPE occur naturally, as Glen proposes, or at least  
> give the user-developer an indication that the use of a null argument  
> is dubious... I remember a similar situation in FOP's properties  
> package, but there, FOP itself was the only possible caller as the  
> class was not part of the public API. In FOP, I remember having opted  
> for a solution which explicitly prevented a null from being passed in  
> as an argument to the PropertyParser, since it looked as if nulls  
> were never supposed to make it in there.
> Either nulls are acceptable as an argument --but then at least  
> something should happen, which is clearly not the case here-- or they  
> aren't. One only needs to ask the question: "Why would anyone  
> explicitly call those methods with a null argument?" You either set  
> the Color or you don't, but setting the Color to null makes very  
> little sense...
> If Commons cannot contain a dependency on a logging library, then  
> Glen's proposal is the only right way to deal with this IMO. The  
> caller could then decide to allow this dubious use of the method and  
> catch the NPE (*), but Commons itself should not allow it (or at  
> least: it should not take this possibility into account).
> (*) Note that it would be much better programming-style to avoid the  
> method from ever being called in that case, just like it is a sign of  
> bad style to try-and-catch an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException instead  
> of making sure beforehand that the index lies within the array's  
> bounds. A simple check to avoid the error is far more efficient than  
> waiting for an Exception to be thrown.
> Just my 2 cents...
> Cheers,
> Andreas

Jeremias Maerki

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