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From Glen Mazza <gma...@apache.org>
Subject Re: How project decisions are made in Apache projects
Date Mon, 08 May 2006 23:00:28 GMT
Jeremias Maerki wrote:

> XML Graphics people,
> Leo Simons made me aware that I may need to make a few things more clear
> concerning project decisions in our project. The XML Graphics project is
> not the same as the former XML project Batik and FOP were under. Even
> though we still maintain separate committer sets for Batik and FOP all
> project-relevant decisions are made by the PMC, i.e. the binding votes
> on EVERY vote within this project are only those of the PMC members.

Jeremias, I think then there needs to be an automatic inactivation 
process for PMC members, similar to the three-month rule for committers. 
  Further, a requirement made that a PMC member *must* be an active 
committer, i.e., at least one email every three months.  Keiron has been 
  silent for quite a long time now, not taking part on PMC votes either, 
and while we all appreciate his joining to faciliate the creation of XML 
Graphics, I think inactivation for him at this time would be 
appropriate, until he can return more solidly to the project.

We can't have completely inactive committers as voting PMC members, the 
meritocracy breaks down when that occurs, and obnoxious Americans like 
me start complaining.

 > But as I suggested a number of times, every committer
> may choose to participate in the PMC. 

That's nice to know.  I may rejoin sometime.

> The ASF actually encourages that
> the set of committers matches the set of PMC members (most apparent in
> the HTTPD project), but being a PMC members is not without
> responsibilities. A PMC is supposed to be informed about everything that
> goes on in the project, not only the corner he's most interested in.

What?!?  You mean PDF bookmarks aren't enough?!?   ;-)


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