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From Jeremias Maerki <dev.jerem...@greenmail.ch>
Subject Re: XML Graphics Commons: last call
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2005 08:25:52 GMT
Now I get it, thanks. Well, it was not so much a decision by the
community than my extreme pushing into the direction that we should call
the AWTRenderer the Java2DRenderer. :-) Anyway, the naming problem IMO
only applies to the AWTRenderer itself and that remains within FOP where
I agree we need to be careful about the renaming. The components we
extract are purely technical I don't think there is a reason for the
Graphic2D implementations to bear any note of "AWT". It's even more
wrong to talk about AWT in this context, since this part has absolutely
nothing to do with the "Advanced Windowing Toolkit".

On 09.08.2005 19:52:25 The Web Maestro wrote:
> Sorry to be unclear... At some point, the decision was made to stop 
> referring to AWT when talking about FOP's 2-dimensional screen & print 
> renderer. Instead we started referring to it as "Java2D" which I agree 
> is much more concise & descriptive. However, there may be some who 
> think of it as AWT, and I think at the top level, we should refer to it 
> as Java2D (formerly FOP's AWT renderer). I don't think we should go 
> CRAZY with this, and *always* reference it that way, but there needs to 
> be somewhere on the site (and in the code?) that relates the two.
> On Aug 8, 2005, at 2:10 PM, Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> > Sorry, Clay, but I don't understand what you mean. I'm feeling stupid.
> >
> > On 08.08.2005 18:31:10 The Web Maestro wrote:
> >> The only thing that strikes me, is that Java2D doesn't say (make
> >> reference or include any info to help searchers find it--e.g., 
> >> formerly
> >> AWT). Apolgies for the delay, I'm moving the house, office, and 
> >> servers
> >> this month...

Jeremias Maerki

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