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From Thomas DeWeese <Thomas.DeWe...@Kodak.com>
Subject Re: Code reorganization
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2005 19:03:07 GMT
Hi Jeremias,

Jeremias Maerki wrote:

> A proposal 2a (a kind of compromise) would involve putting the basic
> Graphics2D implementations in the Commons area (no dependencies on Batik).
> The transcoders themselves would go into Batik. 

   This is what I envisioned all along.

> Of course, this also splits this part in two, possibly making it 
> harder for the Batik team when doing bigger improvements. 

   Since I'll have access to both the difference should be
minor.  The Graphics2D impls should logically be separate.
You seemed to hint that there were Batik dependencies in these
classes do you know what they are?

> But I think it would address my (and Simon's) particular interest in
> the Graphics2D implementations. So my question would be what Chris 
> and Thomas (and everyone else, of course) think about this variant.

Just to give you an idea the only code I'm looking to transfer
to Batik (roughly for PDF) is:

PDFImageElementBridge.java, PDFTextElementBridge.java
PDFTextPainter.java, PDFTranscoder.java, SVGUserAgent.java
FOPSAXSVGDocumentFactory.java, PDFAElementBridge.java, PDFANode.jav

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