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From Glen Mazza <grm7...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Opinion poll
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2005 22:29:42 GMT
--- Jeremias Maerki <dev.jeremias@greenmail.ch> wrote:
> I'd like to push the XML Graphics Commons idea again
> and therefore would
> like to know what people think.
> 1. I think there's noone around opposing the idea of
> creating the common
> area and making the transcoders in FOP available to
> the Batik team, is
> there?

No problem with making the transcoders available to
the Batik team (or even giving them to that project,
for that matter.)

> 2. Do you prefer the transfer of the transcoders to
> the Batik subproject
> as Thomas suggested or do you think that the
> transcoders should be in a
> separate area that is easily accessible by both
> teams? Or is that
> particular question not so important for you?

Not so important for me, as I don't work on the

> 3. Would you be opposed to converting Batik and FOP
> to Subversion in
> preparation for the creation of the common area?
> This would preserve all
> history of the individual classes. Time frame:
> within 1 month from now.
> It seems to me that the infrastructure have
> succeeded in making
> Subversion stable now. 

Either way is again fine with me, as long as Batik is
OK with it.  I note that Jakarta Struts has also moved
over to Subversion, while Tomcat is apparently
choosing to remain with CVS for the forseeable future.


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