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From "Kerry, Richard" <richard.ke...@atos.net>
Subject RE: Default XSL Stylesheet for PDF?
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2011 12:55:30 GMT

> why does the tool
> have no default style sheet to use? I would expect it to set margins
> at 1.00 inch (or 2 centimeters), etc.

FOP (*) is passed a single file to process.
This known as XSL-FO.  (or often just FO)
It contains all such measurements.

The stylesheet is applied during the preparation of the FO file.  This is not (**) done by
FOP but by another processor, eg xsltproc, Saxon, Xalan.  Such programs do also take a stylesheet
as parameter, and combine the stylesheet data with the source data (eg DocBook).  The output
is XSL-FO (or html, or various other possibilities).
The stylesheet that is used to produce the XSL-FO contains the default margins etc that you
refer to.  It writes these into the FO.

Hope that help,

(*) Or any other FO processor (ie XSL-FO to PDF convertor).
(**) Actually I think FOP can be requested to do this process too, but is not usually used
in that way.

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