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From Heiko <techt...@gmx.de>
Subject Configuring fonts for an embeded FOP 1.0
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2011 13:16:32 GMT
I use FOP 1.0 inside an Eclipse RCP client to generate different pdf 
Inside my xslt file, I have lines like:

<fo:block font-family="Arial Narrow" font-size="14pt" 
font-style="normal" font-weight="bolder" padding-bottom="18pt" 
margin="0pt" space-before="6pt" space-after="6pt">

While debugging the report generation process I looked inside the 
FopFactory -> FontManager -> FontCache ->FontFileMap
and found the following line:

null=metrics-url=ARIALN.xml, embed-url=ARIALN.ttf, kerning=true, 
enc-mode=EncodingMode:auto, font-triplet=[Arial Narrow,normal,400, Arial 
Narrow MT,normal,400]

This should be the correct font(file) for the above defined font

But while proccessing the data I get the following errors:

26.10.2011 14:16:15 org.apache.fop.events.LoggingEventListener processEvent
WARNUNG: Font "Arial Narrow,normal,500" not found. Substituting with 
26.10.2011 14:16:16 org.apache.fop.events.LoggingEventListener processEvent
WARNUNG: Font "Arial Narrow,normal,400" not found. Substituting with 
26.10.2011 14:16:17 org.apache.fop.events.LoggingEventListener processEvent
WARNUNG: Font "Arial Narrow,normal,700" not found. Substituting with 

If I understand it right, when I don't define a base font URL, FOP looks 
for at the system font path for all fonts  or?

What di I have to do (programaticlly) that FOP knows my wished font?

Thanks in advance


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