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From Jonathan Levinson <Jonathan.Levin...@intersystems.com>
Subject FW: Merge Request - Temp_ComplexScripts into Trunk
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2011 14:20:04 GMT
Simon asked my team to test Complex Script support.  We've run into problems testing Arabic

I attach the .fo file that shows the problem.

The basic problem is that the Arabic text is rendered back to front.

I don't know if fop-users will accept images but I include the forwarded e-mail which includes
an annotated image discussing the problem.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Levinson
Senior Software Developer
Object Group
+1 617-621-0600

From: Andy Robb
Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2011 11:19 PM
To: Jonathan Levinson
Subject: RE: Merge Request - Temp_ComplexScripts into Trunk

Hi Jonathan

Attached are some initial test results - details explained below. I've added Fadi onto the
thread as he is our resident ME Arabic reports expert.

A)     The first zip arabicJLFOP.zip contains a report run through current ISC FOP version.
The zip contains the xml, xsl & pdf. In this example the text is rendered correctly, but
the Arabic text on the right hand side is not right aligned. This is the original issue Fadi

B)     I've then taken this xml and xsl, and run it through Glens new FOP; the test results
are in arabicLatestFOP.zip. There are 3 test results here, all using the arabic1.xml in the
supplied zip:

1.      Arabic1.pdf is the result of running the exact same xml & xsl we tested on ISC
FOP, and then run through Glens FOP. Here the Arabic text right aligns correctly, but the
arabic text has now been reversed so its back to front. Note that in the XML supplied the
text is the correct way round. The screen shot below gives you an immediate comparison of
the difference

2.      Arabic2.pdf is generated using Arabic2.xsl with the xml modified so the writing-mode='rl'
setting has been added to the simple-page-master is you indicated. This has the effect of
reversing the text for the entire report, not just the Arabic. The Arabic text on the right
is still also back to front.

3.      Arabic3.pdf is generated using Arabic3.xsl with the xml modified so the writing-mode='rl'
setting has been added to the page-sequence as per Glens instructions. This has no effect
and the text is not reversed in any way, leaving identical results to test 1. The Arabic text
on the right is still also back to front.

So in summary, the updated FOP appears to resolve the alignment issue, but flips the text
so its backwards, and so far I haven't been able to resolve this by changing the writing-mode.

Can you take a look and let me know how we can best progress this.




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