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From ruud grosmann <r.grosm...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: ToUnicode table in subset font not correct?
Date Mon, 02 May 2011 08:59:46 GMT
oops, sent too early.

hi group,

We have a font related prblem with the PDF's we create with FOP. I
want to ask for your help in understanding what is going on.
We create PDF from XML with FOP 1.0 .  We use true type fonts for the
text. In the generated PDF, subsets of the fonts are embedded.

It appears that in the ToUnicode table that goes with the fonts, the
space character maps to unicode ffff.
If I look at the ToUnicode table of such a font subset, I see (extract)

21 beginbfchar
<0000> <ffff>
<0001> <ffff>
<0002> <ffff>
<0003> <002d>
<0004> <0031>
<0005> <0056>
<0006> <006f>

The character with code 0000 is a .notdef character in the font;
characters 0001 and 0002 look like spaces.
The character with code 0002 is used in the document.

Can anybody explain why it maps to unicode ffff? Is it a bug?

I have attached a screen shot of the font, opened in fontforge
(a1.png), the font, as extracted from the PDF and inflated (a1.font)
and the ToUnicode object that is associated with that font (a1.uni).

regards, Ruud

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