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From Gilles Beaugeais <gbeauge...@voila.fr>
Subject Re: Disappearing table-header
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 03:34:41 GMT

Sorry to ask you again but did someone manage to reproduce my problem 
(table header dsappear when table in inside a list) with the fo content 
of the previous post ?
If yes, is there any workaround keeping the table inside the list ? Or 
will this corrected in a near future ?

Thanks in advance,

Gilles Beaugeais.

> > As I explained in this thread I've applied a fix. If you still have a
> > problem, you'll have to provide an FO example so we can reproduce.
> > Otherwise, we can't fix anything.
> I put the fo content at the end of this post cause I don't find 
> the way of attaching something with gmane.
> > TIFF Problem: Please provide an small example TIFF file that exhibits
> > the problem and send in a patch against FOP Trunk so I don't have to
> > guess at what you've changed. Thanks.
> I have created a patch in Bugzilla (Bug 40062) with diff file and TIFF test 
> file in attachments. It's maybe not clean (the TIFFFaxDecoder flipTable 
> function should be used directly) but it works in my case.
> Thanks for help,
> Gilles Beaugeais.

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