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From Manuel Mall <man...@apache.org>
Subject Re: XSL Optimization
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2006 15:37:55 GMT
On Tuesday 04 July 2006 23:10, Heinzer David wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a new question, this time about the optimisation of my XSL
> file.
> The aim of my training is to generated report document from test
> tools. A software write XML files, which contain all data and verdict
> about each test. Currently, I generate 200 pages documents but I must
> be able to generate 800-900 pages documents.
> With an XML file of 846Ko and 38 tests, I obtain a RTF document of
> 7600Ko after 1min20. The main problem is the memory consumption, wich
> reaches 240Mo :/
> I tried to create multiple page-sequence, but I obtain any
> improvment. So, I fined down my XSL file and I find the problem comes
> from data tabs. I believe FOP doesn't make free memory after each tab
> creation.

A number of observations here:

If you are after help on writing efficient stylesheets this may not be 
the best list. There are XSL specific mailing lists which may be much 
more helpful.

Generating a 200 page document and using 240MB of memory while doing so 
is not as such an obvious problem. It also does not, without further 
information, indicate that FOP has a memory leak. It may well have, but 
much more detailed investigation would be required to confirm this. My 
initial assessment would be that this is just normal behaviour of a 
Java VM.

If you would like the FOP developers or other users to confirm your 
observations please don't post a stylesheet. Instead post the FO file 
that is the output of the stylesheet applied to your XML data.

Looking at the stylesheet you seem to simply generate a table. IMO if 
this is all you want to do FOP may not be the best tool for the task at 
hand. For example storing your test results in a database and using a 
report writer may be a much better fit to your needs. The strength of 
FOP is NOT in the generation of hundreds of pages of identically 
structured tabular data. FOP is actually fairly inefficient at doing 

> Regards
> Heinzer David
> You can find a simplified version of my XSL file
> [URL="http://blastobi.info/stockage/reportGen.xsl"]here[/URL]



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