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From David Gagnon <dgag...@siunik.com>
Subject Re: Is there a way to stop the creation of a PDF when the user close the browser windows?
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2005 00:38:36 GMT
Hi thanks for you answer,

>The short answer is no - there is no means in the FOP API to interrupt a 
>rendering run.
>The long answer is more like: it depends. What's your environment? How 
>do you invoke FOP? How do you serve the data to the client? For example 
>if you invoke FOP as a spawned process you could simply kill it.

It`s run in a servlet. 

>You also said that you must wait for the report to be generated before 
>starting to send it. There is no intrinsic need to do that but may be 
>your application architecture requires that. 
No doesn`t need it but I thought it`s was a limitation of the 
environnement since we need to set the  Content Length in the anwser before
sending the data i.e.:

Is there a way to avoid that .. That will be so nice?

I know when I generate an HTML report I get a java.net.SocketException 
when I close the browser window while the report is generated and send 
over the internet).  Is there a way I can test if the socket is still 
open while I generate the report?

>For example in a servlet 
>type environment you could connect the fop outputstream directly to the 
>servlet outputstream.
I worked this problem a while ago .. but your telling my I don't need to 
set the content length ?!  My solution need to work with IE too ...

Thanks for your help !


>My recommendation - just catch the exception and do any cleanup 
>On Wed, 21 Sep 2005 08:05 am, David Gagnon wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>  I think all have been said in the subject.  I have an application
>>and when I generate a report in PDF i must wait for the report to be
>>completed before starting to send it.  But if the user close the
>>browser window the report will continue until it`s finished.  I will
>>got an exception when I will start sending the report.
>>Is there any way to stop processing when the user close it`s browser
>>windows ?
>>Thanks for your help!!!
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