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From Mike Brodbelt <m.brodb...@acu.ac.uk>
Subject Re: Development Task and Priorities (was Re: Print on demand using FOP)
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2004 10:26:53 GMT
Chris Bowditch wrote:
> J.Pietschmann wrote:
> I love it when you rattle a list off like this. I really ought to 
> capture this and put it on the website somewhere, along with a priority.

Yes please :-). One problem at the moment is that the website (which is
excellent, on the whole) has no reference to a development timeline, and
a new user will notice that the last release was 9 months ago, and
wonders what's happening. Admittedly, a bit of additional searching will
take them to the mailing list archives, but one has to do a lot of
reading to build up a picture of the current state of play.

> Of course, priorities are just my opinion, but I think we need to do all 
> the highs in order to do an initial release, 0.5.0?

Speaking only for myself here, but I'd be *very* happy to see a release
with all the high stuff implemented. I think that it would basically fix
all my current problems with FOP, and would probably satisfy 90%+ of
users. Frankly, FOP 0.20.5 is pretty good, and if I could have the
feature set that it offers with keeps, that would solve most of my problems.

My 2p worth,


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