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From Mike Brodbelt <m.brodb...@acu.ac.uk>
Subject Re: Print on demand using FOP
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2004 13:06:41 GMT
Chris Bowditch wrote:
> Mike Brodbelt wrote:
> <snip/>
>>My java skills are virtually non-existent, I'm afraid :-). Is there any
>>kind of road-map/status information up for the FOP dev branch, or is it
>>just a question of checking out the CVS and trying it out? I've had a
>>good look round the website, but information as to what's happening
>>seems absent.
> Just checking out CVS and giving it a go is the only way to determine 
> its current status I'm afraid.
>>>In terms of how I deal with this issue today. I'm ashamed to say this on 
>>>list, but we use RenderX's XEP when keep-* properties are required.
>>Ah - I feared that might be the answer.
> Did you see my second post on this? I forgot to say that FOP does have 
> limited support for keep-* properties. They are only implemented on 
> table-rows. So if you can put all your blocks into a table row then you 
> can prevent page breaks occuring mid paragraph.

Yes - we'd come across this, but the documents we're trying to produce
are too complex to just jam in an outer table as a work round. We
considered trying it, but we're currently working round it by putting
content specific hacks in the XSLT to force breaks in certain places,
which is easier that trying to force table layout around the whole

On the small (40 page) document we're playing with, this works, but it
certainly won't scale up to the sort of thing I'd like to be able to
consider. One job we run from XML at the moment runs to about 2500 pages
of A4. That's currently dealth with externally - we just supply the XML
to a printer, who typesets, prints, binds and packages the job. I'd like
to be able to generate subsets of that document on demand, but lack of
page control is effectively a showstopper for that sort of thing. FOP is
wonderful for in-house output, so people can see on demand what the
state of the the database is, but we're trying to do final typesetting
on some of our smaller jobs in house, which is where the lack of this
sort of page control is letting us down.


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