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From Ryan.Asle...@stpaul.com
Subject Re: AW: Performance Question
Date Fri, 02 May 2003 16:44:47 GMT

We use XSLTC.  I learned Java XML use and JAXP from an O'Reilly book
entitled "Java and XSLT" by Eric Burke.  It includes an example of a
stylesheet cache that I found quite useful.  Buy the book and check it out.

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Hello Ryan,

you're writing about a stylesheet-cache. How did you implement it? Do you
use XSLTC or do you reuse the InputHandler object (according to the
documentation, it can be reused).


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$> Von: Ryan.Asleson@stpaul.com [mailto:Ryan.Asleson@stpaul.com]
$> Gesendet: Freitag, 2. Mai 2003 14:16
$> An: fop-user@xml.apache.org
$> Betreff: Re: Performance Question
$> Sorry, I should have included these details also:
$> Our PDFs are produced during a batch process, meaning the
$> JVM is started
$> once and all PDFs are then created.  This, of course, means
$> the JVM stays
$> "warm" and we can take full advantage of HotSpot compilation.
$> We also have implemented a style sheet cache, so once the
$> style sheet has
$> been used once the compiled version is reused over and over, which
$> definitely helps performance.
$> All of our XML/XSLT interfaces use JAXP, meaning we can plug
$> in different
$> XML/XSLT processors.  We currently use Saxon 6.5.2 because it's the
$> fastest, but it appears the recently-released Xalan 2.5 has
$> closed the gap
$> considerably.
$> Even though the computer has 1 GB RAM available, we only
$> allocate a max
$> heap size of 512 MB.

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