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From Ryan.Asle...@stpaul.com
Subject Re: Performance Question
Date Fri, 02 May 2003 11:58:28 GMT

I have FOP running on a Pentium 4 2.54 GHz computer with 1 GB memory and
Win2000.  I use Saxon 6.5.2 as the XML parser and XSLT engine.  It also
uses custom XMLReaders to produce SAX events which are processed by FOP.

We usually see a PDF production rate of 8-9 pages per second, and we
sometimes produce PDFs that are 1500+ pages.  The only real problem with
FOP is some of the XSL style sheet tricks necessary to insert intermittent
page-sequences so FOP doesn't run out of memory.

Hope this helps.

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                                               Subject:  Performance Question            
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In my company, we are currently using StreamServe to produce documents
(basically invoices).
50.000 docs/day, 3.000 prints, 47.000 pdf.
The final document averages 3 pages (there are some exceptions with up to
1000 pages - very rare, however), a document containing only one graphic

I am puzzling whether I can shift from StreamServer to FOP. Are there any
people out there who apply FOP to achieve a similar volume? Is the
performance ok?

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