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From Alex McLintock <a...@OWAL.co.uk>
Subject Re: OutofMemoryError
Date Fri, 18 Oct 2002 20:04:20 GMT
At 19:15 18/10/02, Mihir Patel wrote:

>I am trying to generate a PDF from a using FOP. What i am doing is 
>querying the database and generating an XML file based on the resultset 
>and passing that to FOP. This works fine if the number of columns is less 
>than 10, but if i select any more columns it gives me OutOfMemoryError. I 
>am sure that the combination of the #of columns and rows that i am 
>retrieving is causing this.

Do you have the stderr stream in the log? What does it show? lots 
of >>>>>>>>> ?
My bet is that the table doesn't fit on the page, and is therefore being 
pushed to the next page.
The table doesn't fit on that page therefore gets pushed to the next page,
and so on until it sucks up all the free memory.

Try making the columns very thin.


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