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From Antonio Fiol <f...@w3ping.com>
Subject Re: fop-batik problem
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2002 12:39:15 GMT
Oleg Tkachenko wrote:

> Antonio Fiol wrote:
>> An image is worth 1000 words... Here's my 1000 words. The image 
>> refuses to appear.
>> [INFO]: FOP 0.20.3
>> [INFO]: building formatting object tree
>> [INFO]: [1]
>> [INFO]: [2]
>> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: 
>> org/apache/batik/dom/svg/DefaultSVGContext
> batik classes couldn't be found probably. Do you have batik.jar in the 
> classpath?
> Check the version also, fop likes batik.jar from fop distribution.
Dear Oleg,

I added all the batik jars I have to the CLASSPATH in the script that 
calls fop (as some were missing on the original Debian script). Same result.

Then I looked into those jars, to find 
org/apache/batik/dom/svg/DefaultSVGContext, to no avail.

No DefaultSVGContext is present in the *batik*.jar files I have on my 

If fop needs a specific version of batik, then it's a Debian packaging bug.

I'll CC: Ola Lundqvist, the Debian package maintainer.

Ola, Do you think it would be OK to include the contents of the 
batik.jar Oleg is talking about in the fop.jar you include in the Debian 

Many thanks to both of you.

Antonio Fiol

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