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From Keiron Liddle <kei...@aftexsw.com>
Subject Re: FOP memory consumption
Date Thu, 02 May 2002 07:50:15 GMT
On 2002.05.01 16:34 Bernd Brandstetter wrote:
> So, I have two questions/suggestions:
> 1) Wouldn't it be possible to let FOP create the output in two steps like
> for instance (La)TeX does. Doing a dry run first only to calculate the
> page references, store them somewhere, and then produce the actual output
> in a second run.

As outlined on this page this is the approach that we are heading for:

This should make any size document possible.

> 2) Are there plans to port FOP to C/C++ sometime? I guess that at least
> part of the memory consumption is to be blamed on Java and IIRC the
> underlying Xerces and Xalan are already available as C++ versions, so why
> not FOP?

The issue of implementing FOP is not about the language. Since using java 
means we already have a large number of services available and reduced 
debugging effort then this is a logical choice (this doesn't prevent other 

The issue is dealing with the large number of elements, properties and 
layout issues.
Once the real problem is solved then it will be a more relevant question.

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