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From Web Maestro Clay <the.webmaes...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: OpenDocument as an output format
Date Sun, 04 Jun 2006 16:11:43 GMT
On Jun 4, 2006, at 2:05 AM, gerhard oettl wrote:
> On Wed, May 31, 2006 at 04:17:26PM -0300, Stefan Ziel wrote:
>> hi folks,
>> creating an Output Handler for OASIS OpenDocument, as mentioned in  
>> the
>> "wish list" don?t seem to make much sense, as XSL:FO can easily be
>> converted to OpenDocument using a XSLT style sheet. without doing all
>> that rendering in between ;)
> I did some steps in this direction last autumn because it looks
> temptingly easy. There where some parts of the opendocument
> format that make it easy (in comparision with the original
> openoffice format).
> For example a "flat xml" format is defined: it is not necessary
> to split style and content (and some other parts - i dont
> remember exactly) into different files - you can put all into one
> uncompressed xml file absolutly unordered.
> But the more i come to details the more the problems araised (at
> least for my limited but not unexisting xslt
> knowledge).
> Inheriance - as also mentionted by jeremias - was one
> showstopper.
> Another was that openoffice had not realy better possibilities to
> handle autoformating (detecting column width) tables which was
> one goal of my tests to bypass limitations of fop.
> My conclusion at this time was, that is is "more or less" easy to
> convert to opendocument from an arbitrary (self defined) to
> opendocument format, but "more or less" impossible to convert
> xml-fo to opendocument. This means that i have to maintain two
> xslt sets, but my intention was to have one toolchain like:
> [my-xml] + [my-xslt-templates] --> [xml-fo] and then
> [xml-fo] + [xslt-tmplates | prog-like-fop | ooo-importfilter] -->  
> opendocument
> so that i have to write (or better others have written ;-)) the
> conversation from one standard format (xsl-fo) to another
> standard format (opendocument format) only once.
> As written above i see three possibilities:
> a) a common developed set of xslt templates
>    (i failed to go far this route - maybe others have more success)
> b) opendocument format as output format of fop
>    (i think it would be the most probable way - having the
>     experience of rtf-output in mind)
> c) a importfilter in openoffice that can read xsl-fo files
>    (though not impossible i dont remember any thinking of the
>     ooo-developers for such a feature)

Another possibility might be to output to complete FOP's RTF output,  
and then convert RTF to ODT/OpenDocument.

BTW, there's already some work started on an Apache Forrest  
OpenDocument input plugin in the Forrest 'whiteboard' section:


In addition, Apache Lenya folks have been working on OpenDocument  
input and output modules.

One other possibility is to study the Docbook2opendocument:


> If there are leaders for implementing b) to fop i would try to
> contribute - beeing cautious to dont prommise more than i could
> deliver.

I willcontribute in anyway I can. I started working on the Forrest  
'odt' plugin, and contributed code to improve the XSL output of the  
<title> & <h1> elements, and adding 'images' (although I'm currently  
having a problem with images being placed in ../images/ instead of  
images/--they end up *above* the root directory!).

> gerhard
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Web Maestro Clay

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