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From Vincent Hennebert <vincent.henneb...@enseeiht.fr>
Subject Re: representative example needed [was in fop-user]
Date Sun, 13 Feb 2005 19:11:10 GMT
[Web Maestro Clay]
> It would be *great* if some enterprising and generous developer could spend 
> the time to generate FOP-based XSL-FO documents from the XML, XSLT and XPath
>  specs. In fact, that would be a useful tool for comparing how fop-0.20.5 
> compares to fop-1.0-dev (the FOP re-design/TRUNK branch). Unfortunately, that
>  hasn't been a priority up to this point. Perhaps it could become a priority
>  in the future.

> Oh, it would be sooooo cool if we could have our own PDF of the XSL 1.0 
> specification [1]. The official PDF was created by RenderX. I thought about 
> doing a stylesheet for that myself but I'm currently so busy coding on FOP 
> 1.0dev that I'd be more than happy if someone from the user community could 
> do that. It would also be interesting to compare FOP 0.20.5 and FOP 1.0dev 
> which is under development.

Hi Fop team,

would there be anything wrong with using RenderX' XSLT stylesheet to produce a
pdf whith Fop? As I read this thread on fop-user a week ago, I wondered whether 
RenderX released the stylesheet they used to produce the official pdf of the XSL 
recommendation. Indeed they provided an xmlspec2fo stylesheet on their website 
[1], but now it seems to have disappeared (the site seems to have been refactored).

Anyway, I have it on my disk and tried to run Fop over it. Well, bad news so far ;-(
Fop 0.20.5 stops at p.16 whith an error message (Flow 'xsl-region-body' does not
map to the region-body in page-master 'blank-page'). This is the page where
there is just "This page is intentionally left blank".
Fop 1.0dev (freshly checked out) crashes with a NoSuchMethodError.
As it was just a quick test, I didn't remove Xep extensions; this may be the
cause of the crash.
I can provide details if needed (in form of a Bugzilla entry?).
I could adapt the stylesheet to introduce Fop extensions (at least for the
0.20.5 version, I don't think they are available in 1.0dev?), and perhaps to
circumvent Fop's current flaws. If it may be useful to the Fop team I would be
glad to help.

However, I wonder whether we can use RenderX' stylesheet as a basis. I'm not 
very familiar with legal issues. So far the stylesheet was available on their
website; there is just a copyright statement (© RenderX , 1999-2001) at the
beginning of the file.

What is your opinion?


[1] http://www.renderx.com/xmlspec.html

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