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From Finn Bock <bck...@worldonline.dk>
Subject Re: Performance improvement in property consumption.
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2004 19:16:45 GMT
>>In my proposal the specified and the cached properties are still stored
>>in the property list but only the relevant properties are retained in
>>the fo object.


> Yes, and IIJC, at the same time, you're eliminating the need for downstream
> property queries having to be performed through the PropertyList, so the
> FObj's can communicate directly (--less underlying HashMap fetches...)
> So roughly:
> a. FObj1 asks FObj2
> b. FObj2 probes its property instance variable
> c. FObj2 responds to FObj1
> instead of
> a. FObj1 asks its PropertyList
> b. PropertyList asks FObj2's PropertyList
> c. FObj2's PropertyList queries its HashMap
> d. FObj2's PropertyList responds to PropertyList
> e. PropertyList responds to FObj1

No, at the startElement() event the property list exists for all the 
parent elements and they are used to answer all property queries, 
including the property function and inheritance.

So the process is you outline above is unchanged.

PS. I'm ignoring the handling of markers in my descriptions.


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