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From Finn Bock <bck...@worldonline.dk>
Subject Performance improvement in property consumption.
Date Wed, 13 Oct 2004 10:40:14 GMT
Hi Team,

I've put together another largish patch that changes the way properties
and used by the FO objects, the layout managers and the FOEventHandler


The performance increase is 42% while at the same time using %27 less
memory. The numbers comes from rendering the initial chapters of DocBook 
The Definite Guide [1] to a 131 page pdf file using jdk1.4.2_03. 
Performance is meassured in wallclock time and memory by finding the 
minimum -Xmx value where the document can be rendered (in steps of 1000000).

The improvement in performance and in memory are due to PropertyList now
being a temporary object that is only available to a FObj during the
call to FObj.bind(). All fo elements are required to extract all the
properties that they need and to store the values as instance fields in
the fo element.

When the PropertyList is a temporary object that isn't stored in the
FObj, the size of the PropertyList does not matter and a much faster
version can be used (implemented by StaticPropertyList).

The patch also adds correct property resolution for fo:marker and
fo:retrieve-marker. Children of fo:marker has a memory efficient version
of their PropertyList stored within the Marker object and they are
re-bind'ed by fo:retrieve-marker each time a marker is retrieved.

Any objections?

[1] http://www.apache.org/~bckfnn/DocBookTDG.zip


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