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From Clay Leeds <cle...@medata.com>
Subject fop-0.20.5rc3 alignment bug (was: Re: PMC report to the board.)
Date Wed, 21 May 2003 16:05:47 GMT
I figured this bug is getting more and more interesting so I changed the 
Subject. I guess since this is the fop-dev list, it doesn't matter as 
much that fop-0.20.5rc3 hasn't been announced (although I don't 
understand why it matters--my thought is the more time between 
announcement & release of 0.20.5, the more chances 'little' bugs like 
this one'll get noticed/fixed).

On 5/21/2003 1:25 AM, Thomas Sporbeck wrote:
>>Not so strange. There is a PrintRenderer the PDFRenderer extends, and
> an AbstractRenderer the > 
>>AWTRenderer extends. Most likely the PrintRenderer was adapted to a
> fix.
> In my test I used the AWT-Preview and pdf-Output.
> Rendering to pdf has other results than using the AWTRenderer (pdf seems
> to be ok, but text-align = "right" seems to be buggy in comparison to
> text-align = "end" which seems to work correctly).

Ahh! That's interesting. I'll try changing my code to see if that helps. 
BTW, is this in general true: that text-align values of "start/end" have 
a greater chance for support?

> The fist time a page > page1 is shown in the AWT-Preview, the rendering
> is ok. If you go to the next page and then back, the rendering is no
> longer correct, so I suppose that there is really something done to
> often.

That's what I noticed. However, page1 renders with that weirdness the 
first time. Then, if you click the [>] and [<] buttons to go back and 
forth, the rendering of text-align="right" actually migrates further and 
further to the right until it goes off the page. For all I know, it 
keeps going after it goes off the page.
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